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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

USS Boise Returns Home For Christmas

USS Boise (SSN 764) returned to Norfolk today following a 6 month deployment to the European Command AOR. Excerpts:
During its deployment, USS Boise conducted operations in the European Command area of responsibility while supporting national security interests and maritime security operations. In executing the chief of naval operation's maritime strategy, Boise further demonstrated the submarine force's great capability in providing global presence.
"We were attached to the European Command, which is supported by the Navy's 6th Fleet," said Cmdr. Brian Sittlow, USS Boise commanding officer. "We were assigned exercises and operations by 6th Fleet. These events were conducted with our NATO partner nations in the waters of the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea."
Upon returning to its homeport in Norfolk, the submarine will have traveled approximately 23,000 nautical miles. Port visits included Portsmouth, England; Faslane, Scotland; Bergen, Norway; and Brest, France.
Here's a story and video from a Norfolk TV station:

Welcome home, guys!

Did you ever return from deployment in the week before Christmas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would suck having to spend Christmas at your house instead spending it with your family on the boat!

Pulled into Subic on Chistmas Eve in the 80's! There is not a better way to forget about your "loved ones" back in the states. Giving and getting is definately the reason for the season in Subic Bay!

It is a shame that Sailors will never be able to experience places like that anymore (at least not in this PC Navy).

12/22/2010 7:29 PM

Blogger SJV said...


12/22/2010 7:31 PM

Blogger SJV said...

Couldn't resist the one word answer. Did return less than one week prior to EAOS, though. It was way better than XMAS.

12/22/2010 7:34 PM

Anonymous Up and over said...

Pulled into Charleston after a 6 month Med. run on December 22, 1989 on the Sea Devil. Had duty the first day, and was pelted by a freak snowstorm on the 23/24th.

12/22/2010 9:25 PM

Anonymous ssnret said...

1974. Returned the week before Christmas from Westpac on USS Jouett. Mess decks decorated with lights and tree. GMT3 and SK3 dressed as Santa and Elf. Always wondered what the wives/moms on the pier would say if they knew Elf had VD.
2 weeks later met future wife when her girlfriend brought her to the ship to visit a guy in my duty section. Today we watched our oldest granddaughter graduate from HS 6 months early with an Associates. She's headed off to Western Carolina University to study Clinical Psychology. The Christmas that is still giving.
Oh, yea. The 1995 crew of the USS Boise gave us a wonderful send off into retirement, me after almost 24 years and her after 20 years as a Faithful Navy wife.
Merry Christmas to you Bubblehead, your family, all your readers, and all the folks still on the sharp end of the sword.

12/22/2010 9:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pulled into Charleston weapons station Dec-23 1978. No break through, had to load up and get back out. Freak ice storm rushed in overnight, 1" thick clear sheet of ice sealed everything. I still have pictures of that day.

12/22/2010 10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four Christmas Days in WESTPAC and two in the MED. All in a careers work. I remember an XO telling me I couldn't be home for my son's graduation from Devil Pups. "We need DOOWs for the surface transit from San Diego to Long Beach, sorry Chief, Your going to have to make it another time". I ain't crying, just trying to not make a big deal about being home for a Holiday.

12/22/2010 10:25 PM

Anonymous ETCS(ret) said...

Anon 7:29
Wasn't any time spent in Subic considered to be like Christmas? I was fortunate and never received any of those ever giving "gifts" :)

12/23/2010 4:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent one Christmas on the surface in the Irish Sea driving all the way into the Clyde for a PERSTRANS, and the other has been immortalized here.

12/23/2010 7:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said... accompanying story about stuff leaking?

12/23/2010 8:24 AM

Anonymous Brandon Baker said...

No, but we got to have Xmas in Yokosuka thanks to a faulty TB-29!

12/23/2010 9:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up and Over -

I was also on the SEA DEVIL (M-Div) for that arrival just prior to Christmas. It was a good snow for Charleston.

12/23/2010 9:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subic-don't know about Christmas but it sure was the adult Disneyland!

12/23/2010 10:57 AM

Blogger Nate said...

The USS Alexandria (SSN 757) just pulled in on the 18th into Groton. That was after a 7 month and with the weather delay.

I myself pulled into Gibraltor Christmas Eve 2 years ago.

12/23/2010 11:27 AM

Blogger papamaynard said...

Probably the best end of patrol ever...Ship had ORSE right before Christmas, then had to loiter for a couple days before the relieving boat could come out. ORSE goes well and CO gets on 1MC "All right guys, since we can't go home until the 24th here is what I am going to do. Section 1 will be leaving with the ORSE team today and get to be home early, on the 24th Section one will relieve the watch after we tie up and keep it through Christmas day." Silence throughout the decks for about 10 seconds while everyone tries to figure out if they are getting screwed. I was in Section 1 and we were already going to have Christmas day. No one I knew was unhappy about taking the better part of Christmas Eve as well and the guys who stayed on board were happy to be able to split immediately after pulling in.
That same CO (McMacken) dressed up as Santa and had the line handlers wearing antlers as the ship pulled up to the pier.

12/23/2010 2:23 PM

Anonymous ret.cob said...

Dec 23/24 78/79? (can't remember)at anchor in a fog bank while entering Chasn, SC. DAD was CO/ Lipscomb was XO/ Cupp was COB in Lewis and Clark. Great guys all.

12/23/2010 6:16 PM

Anonymous ret.cob said...

Oh, and sounded ship's whistle some stupid number of times, like over 8,000. No sleep. Irritable crew syndrome.

12/23/2010 6:19 PM

Blogger Aaron said...

USS Alexandria just returned on 12-18-10, 1 month extended with a day added to that for the sea state. So yes, 1 week before Christmas.

12/25/2010 8:08 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

Home from PAC, no--but we did pull into Yoko on New Year's Eve after a 60-day underway, with all the requisite warnings about not getting shitfaced. One of the A-gangers decided he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof anyway. Oh well, there's always one.

12/28/2010 10:28 AM

Anonymous Boise Idaho said...

Not sure that being underwater in a vessel would not drive me crazy but impressed others can. Noticed the ship was named Boise. Thought that was cool.

1/24/2011 11:02 AM

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.

11/01/2011 12:12 PM


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