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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

USS Louisville COB Fired

Navy Times is reporting that the Chief of the Boat on USS Louisville (SSN 724) has been fired:
Senior Chief Yeoman (SS) Savan Patel was relieved as chief of the boat by his commanding officer, Cmdr. Lee Sisco, due to a loss of confidence in Patel’s ability to serve in that capacity, according to SUBPAC spokeswoman Cmdr. Christy Hagen.
...Patel, 32, is a 14-year Navy veteran who served on three fast attack submarines prior to his assignment to the Louisville. He reported as chief of the boat in July 2009...
He seems fairly young, as well as junior (Time in Service-wise), to have been a COB. Has this become more common?

Update 0728 27 Jan: Here's an article from a Honolulu newspaper that seems to confirm that a DUI was involved; I'm assuming that the COs name being given as the person arrested was an editing error.

I'm going to be deleting some of the comments soon; you know which ones they are (they involve unsubstantiated claims).