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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SECNAV On CO Firings

Here's a good article on Secretary Mabus' thoughts about the spate of CO firings over the last few years; basically, he seems to be saying that there's not a problem, and the problem definitely isn't the fault of the Navy senior leadership. Excerpts:
Mabus said the service hasn't initiated any investigations into the rate of disciplinary firings among its commanders and won't add any additional professional military education or programs to address the problems that led to the career-ending errors.
"I think we're doing something about it because we're the ones who go in, and we're the ones who relieve them, and we're the ones who publicize it," Mabus explained. "We do it so there will be some lessons learned."
He believes relieving commanders in swift and visible ways serve as cautionary tales for those who remain in leadership roles.
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Blogger hughmon said...

Sure would like to see a breakdown as to haw many of those relieved were "ring knockers" vs how many were not.

4/28/2011 9:52 AM

Blogger Vigilis said...

SecNav Mabus is quoted in the article saying, "Since 2005, we have dismissed less than 1 percent of our commanding officers,"

Is Mabus being very coy or very clever considering that he only assumed the SecNav post in June 2009, after which the spate of disciplinary firings has spiked markedly.

4/28/2011 12:01 PM

Blogger NHSparky said...

Funny, but I was always taught and led to believe that if one of my subordinates behaved badly, it was partially on me because I didn't mentor him, recognize the signs of his behavior, or take less drastic actions before it reached that point.

I guess accountability and leadership doesn't mean what it used to.

4/28/2011 12:49 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4/28/2011 2:47 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

Wylie, 40, was commissioned in May 1992 after graduating from the University of Southern California, according to one of his shipmates, Seth.

4/28/2011 2:49 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

For those who may not know, Cmdr. Wylie was fired Wednesday. He's the tenth navy CO of 2011 who has been sacked, and the second within Tenth navy CO of 2011 was fired Wednesday, making the 2nd fleet CO sacked
in the last ten days.

4/29/2011 11:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear, on the surface, that the actions that get a CO fired these days have expanded to include more soft issues. wonder if there's a correlation with the expanding PC universe.

4/29/2011 11:52 AM

Anonymous t said...


What really matters is how many have been fired since the end of the Cold War. That's the yardstick we should be measuring.

4/29/2011 4:30 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous NHSparky said...

Is this a bad time to mention that This Ain't Hell DIDN'T win?

5/01/2011 8:42 AM

Anonymous ThreeDawnsTilSatan said...

They don't say it publicly, but most CO firings have been because the CO has been caught sucking dick or spreading their assholes around dick. They make up some "unfit for command" excuse after the fact.

5/05/2011 8:25 PM

Anonymous Girin Jackson said...

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