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Friday, October 01, 2004

Canada Commissions "New" Submarine

The last of the four Victoria-class submarines will be accepted into the Canadian Navy this weekend. HMCS Chicoutimi is the last of the four Royal Navy Upholder-class boats to be transferred from Great Britain to Canada for return to active service. These boats are a definite upgrade from the Oberon-class boats the Canadian Navy had used up through 2000. The thing that saddens me about this deal was that the original name of HMCS Victoria was HMS Unseen, which has to be the coolest submarine name I've ever heard...
Going deep...


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I will have to agree with you, I mean the name of that sub marine is so cool, it's a shame they decided to change it! Very good post my friend, it would have been really good to add some pictures, but that's just me asking too much... as usual

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