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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rough Seas Hamper Rescue

This article in The Scotsman has some in-depth guesses about the potential cause of the fire. One thing they mention that I hadn't considered was "drill errors"; in this case, it means errors while conducting casualty exercises for training (as opposed to making a hole in the side of an electrical switchboard with an electric drill, although I suppose that could give a similar result). One thing that surprises me is that they haven't been able to restore at least part of the electric plant yet. If I were designing a submarine, I think I would like to include some redundancy, and maybe some electrical disconnects that could isolate the undamaged portion of the electrical plant in the event of a fire...

Update: From CNN, three injured crewmembers evacuated by helicopter.

New Update: CBC reports one Sailor from the submarine died. It doesn't say if the injuries may have been exacerbated by the personnel transfer; however, they are risky even in the best of circumstances. My thoughts are with this brave submariner's family and crewmates. Sailor, rest your oar...

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