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Monday, March 14, 2005

Talking Smack

No, this isn't a post about heroin, it's about the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, and specifically, about the inevitable triumph of the Kansas Jayhawks. While my good friends from the Pacific Northwest can fantasize all they want about Washington or Gonzaga winning it all, the fact is that KU will pull down the nets in St. Louis three weeks from today. Consider this: the four KU seniors have 15 games of tournament experience (having won 4, 5, and 3 games in the last three tournaments, respectively), so do yourself a favor, and put down the Jayhawks to win it all in your brackets -- you'll thank me for it. If everything holds to form, KU will be playing Bucknell, Wisconsin, UConn, and North Carolina on their way to the Final Four. As far as Bucknell goes, KU has won 21 straight first round games, so that one's a gimme. Wisconsin has been playing well lately, but they're from the Big 10, and with the exception of Illinois, all the Big T(elev)en teams suck, so we'll have no problems with them. UConn is the defending national champion, but they lost most of their talent, so they'll fall without much of a struggle. UNC is coached by a traitor, so KU will be especially motivated to kick their butts. Bottom line, I foresee no problems at all winning our first four games. If, for some reason, they do lose, I'll be here to explain why the refs stole it, or how KU would have beaten whatever team they played 9 out of 10 times in normal competition.

Oh, and if you're looking for NIT information, check here...

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Blogger ninme said...

Go Zags!

That's right, I said it! And don't make me sic my dad on you. He's abandoned both UCLA and KU (both of which he is an alumnus of) to devote himself wholeheartedly to a school I didn't even *graduate* from, if that's any illustration.

3/14/2005 1:02 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

You have a right to be proud -- at least your team made the tournament. I'd feel bad if I was like the guys at Castle Argghhh!!! whose team, Missouri, was relegated to the NIT...

3/14/2005 3:09 PM

Blogger Mark Tempest said...

Roy Williams a traitor? Ouch.

He came home and home needed him.

KU did give UNC Dean Smith, too. It doesn't seem that ole Roy left KU in too bad a condition. Let's see if the Heels can give him what KU couldn't - his first National Championship.

I guess if Kansas can win a couple of games they may meet UNC in the Elite Eight.

Go Heels!

3/15/2005 7:28 PM


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