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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism"?!?

CDR Salamander read my mind and put down pretty much what I feel about the apparent name change of our current war from the "Global War on Terror". Since I'm retired, I get to continue calling it what I want, although "Global War to Kill Terrorists and Convince the Secretary of Defense That Changing The Name Of Something Doesn't Make It Any More Effective" doesn't really roll off the tongue. And hey... since "Jihad" means "struggle", couldn't we also call it the "Global Jihad Against Violent Extremism"? I think I'll just be an old curmudgeon and keep calling it GWOT... although I have a bad feeling the history books will end up calling it WWIII.

Going deep...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is WWIII. We just can't stand the idea of calling it by that name yet. If you want a name that might help make it more effective, WWIII is it. That might sink in to a few more people. The notion that "we cannot change how we live or the terrorists will have won" is stupid. We have changed, we must change more. If we all acted like the world depended on us, like in WWII, maybe would could win. As we behave now, the "global struggle against people who don't particularly like us but should not be profiled" will continue for a very long time.

How's that for a rant?


7/28/2005 11:34 AM

Blogger half said...

Holds up scorecard


7/29/2005 7:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is actually WW4.
WW2 was the fight against Fascism. WW3 (aka the cold war) was the fight against communism. WW4 is the fight against Islamic Extremism. WW4 started at least 10 years before WW3 ended, with the attack on the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979. Unfortunately it took 22 years and 3000 deaths on one terrible day for us to wake up and actually start fighting back. And I fear that America is going back to sleep again.

8/09/2005 2:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chingaze Khan,Mossolini,Nipolian,Hitler,and now Bush like all the murderers as well as gangleaders say the same thing that God told them to this and that killings and wars, and lies,while fooling and cheating most of believers, as they must do evil in deal with satan, to win wars by using the tools and methods of devil, but yet pretending to be Godly to blind the Good gulable christian masses who fall in trap of the above killer insticted leader who call themselves believers to distroy the world and have liecence to lie and to cheat thier masses in the name of thier imaginary God mixed with evil.
AS real believers in Jesus we must side with weak, who loose, who realy suffer not to judge them but to put our selves in the position of weaker , and who feel helpless, who are prejudged by our leader and media, we ought to think how jesus would do,Jesus the peaceful Son of God will side with weaker and who loose to comfort them and not leave them alone on the mercy of evil politicians and media or trend of hate.
As we even as believers side always who is stronger or agressive, on the side of teams who always win by thier agressive instinct, is our nature,but Jesus will take side of poor , who are needy, who loose ,who are weak, who stamped and out casted,who are humble or meek or shy, power less,or Godly. Because sinful powerful masses have always in history hated some one who was weak or lost or who did not gave what we want to grab from him.
In resent history we hated native Americans to grab thier land to make it ours, we hated African to make them slaves, we hated jews to gass them, too late we feel sorry ,that many believers mention the some handful of christians hide Jews in thier home to avoid to be gassed, that was compation of few christians where were majority of believers who supported thier goverments with passion to be patriotic in support of gassing jews, simlar to what is happening in modern Christian America to open torture camps in Gontanomo by the help of pasionte christians similar to gass chambers in Nazi Germany.
It is high time to gass or torture some other 7 millions moslim masses we hate, because our President hate them,where are those believers of compassion to help ,to side with persicuted,who are different,who are stamped bad similar to Jews under Hitler.
Where is living believers in Jesus as living fishes who swim against the flow of sinful and hatful stream of trend of hate, not to get drifted with the flow of hate and siding with powerful,rather than do what Jesus would do ,very different than what we do, to have compassion with weak, and who loose, who are discriminated, because they are different, that we understand them to be thier examples, not masters because we have guns, but compassion of Jessus to side with weak and margenised who are special to God equaly as we are.
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Oh Yahvey our God save us from the majority who always killed and massacred always for century to win calling themselves Christians, they love get more form other, latter to hate them,to glorify you but they work work with devil in reality in your name.

2/26/2006 1:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Americas Bush is right to do war of official against rest of the world,where America is hated of its unilatral actions,against the countries it hates to bully, than every county must have the right to attack as it wish for its own reasons similar to America, China should find excuses to bomb nuclear facities and neclear under ground ballastic system in Taiwan,and errect prison like in Abugarib or Gontanomo, to torture thier suspected enimies as American do.Every county has its oppositional parties ,thes Governments shoul ban them and their wrong freedom of expressions similar to American bam freedom of expression against athe attrosties Americans Commit at home and at world at large. ADOLF HITLER is very much alive, in the shape Of BUSH, simple this Bushy bully Hitler doent loose the war because he has powerful weapons provided by devil. Just because America has patchies ,air powerm tanks, or media control, does not mean they are right,As America is waging a war of official terror against rest of majority world it does not like,so America now uses UNO as plat form to start all its wars and aggressions,
if there is secret voting in UNO , to ask all members of UNO to say or no , for the quesion to find out if America is danger for world peace and security,this thing called America will be very much disappointed,to get mad, so to leach against rest of the world, to distroy it and it self.
As long as America as genuin humble super power does not solve the attroscities of unjustice caused by them or by thier underdogs to accupy others, to make accupied suffer, because that crazy God told them so,or to take sides with thier Holy parteners to make other suffer, ans expect that accupied brings flowers to accupied, ther will no piece, by forcin by gun power you cant make peace, but ba siding with weak and margenised, and who loose, who we stamp as terrorists who we used against our enemies ,to drop them latter after they helpes us to reach our goals to distroy communism and others.
we may need these terrorists (who we created ourselves against others),again sooner then latter, because we have created many enemies as always, we may now in desparity a Hitler to help , as he hasd great potence to distroy the world.
Only few months before 11 sep Americans were busy with spyind on China, as Chinies downe American spy plane in China in as Bush came in power, si if America was not busy with Binladin, America would have been very much with other enemies and China.

2/28/2006 4:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No country in the word history has been humiliated(forcebly)by the allied forces,after the 2nd World War,and latter addapted to humiliate itself (volunteerly) ,to wash thier funny guilt, broadcasting holocust films as well as by sucking Jewish Cocks,and allowing mass immigration of SOVIET jEWS; TO DEUTSCHLAND, so that Germans are punished to become a minority in thier own country.
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It is pity that Germans have not learned lessen from thier great history if not from thier recent past becaust they lost the war against rest of the world.while American And Israelis win the wars at all costs to distroy the world by bully power.Telling the world DO WHAT I SAY, DONT DO WHAT I DO.While GERMANY have become the QUEER NATION, to be misused and abused by American to be thier fuhrer.
WHO will the GERMANS HATE NEXT ater they gass Moslims.

3/11/2006 1:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear anti simists ,I want to holocust you all Kosher way, that no one find that out, in secret till we die.
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8/14/2006 8:17 AM


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