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Monday, July 25, 2005

New Undersea Warfare Issue Out!

(Intel Source: The Sub Report) Hooray! The new issue of Undersea Warfare is posted at the N77 web site. (Don't be confused that the masthead says "Spring 2005"; the real Spring 2005 issue is here.) Some of the articles include VADM Munn's thoughts on the future of submarine warfare and a reprint of a Proceedings article on what various PCO instructors think makes a good CO. Looks like some good reading!

Also, The Sub Report found the article I've been looking for on the San Francisco's sea trials. It looks like The Navy Times might have jumped the gun a little; while the title is "San Franciso completes round of sea trials", the story says that they are expected to complete them today. I'm sure we'll get more news from the normal fastest sources for Guam submarine news (KUAM and Pacific Daily News) when the boat actually pulls back in. The sea trials agenda seems to have been fairly straightforward:

“They tested to see if the structural integrity was adequate for a surface transit back to a Navy shipyard,” said Rowena Obrero, a spokeswoman for Commander, Submarine Force Pacific in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
San Francisco did not submerge as part of the sea trials, Obrero said. The submarine was accompanied by the Coast Guard cutter Galveston Island during the trials."

It looks like the boat will be headed to Puget Sound next month if everything goes well today:

"Navy submarine leaders want to see a permanently repaired San Francisco returned to service. If approved and funded, the permanent repair plan calls for removing the bow section of a decommissioned Los Angeles-class submarine and installing it onto San Francisco at the Puget Sound shipyard."

And speaking of San Francisco, in a totally non-submarine related item, the boat's namesake city has an "artist-in-residence" at their city dump. And he created this work of art, probably as a way of protesting both environmental damage caused by styrofoam and low gas mileage SUVs.
I love California...

Update 0922 26 July: KUAM has a short story on San Francisco's successful return to port...


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