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Saturday, January 28, 2006

SPUD-LIB: An Open Letter To Frank J. And Instapundit

The SPUD-LIB initiative is off to a roaring start, with several Idaho bloggers joining me in standing up to the hegemonistic oppression of Idaho ├╝berblogger Clayton Cramer and his defiant non-linkingness. While we know that united we can never be defeated, I've decided to call in some "heavy artillery" to force Clayton to acknowledge the rightness of our cause! To this end, I'm posting this "open letter" to blogospheric celebrities Frank J. of IMAO (who's really smart) and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, in the hopes that they can use their influence to help the Seditiously Proud Union of Deficiently-Linked Idaho Blogs:

"Frank J. -- Since before I was blogging, I followed with interest your fight for permalinks from that dastardly villain of blogdom, Glenn Reynolds. The skill and determination you used in fighting for permalinks from bigger bloggers serves as a role model to the small bloggers of Idaho. Your magnificent marshalling of the brave fighters of the Alliance of Free Blogs was a thing of beauty... nay, of such extraordinary grace and precision-guided humor that it will never see an equal. I'm asking you to lend your support to our efforts to demand permalinks for smaller Idaho blogs from the current "top dog" of the Idaho blogworld: Clayton Cramer. Having visited Idaho yourself, I know that you care deeply about the state of blogging in the Gem State. Thanks for your time."

"Glenn Reynolds -- You have always been my favorite blogger. I watched with admiration as you fought off the attacks of malcontent "Frnak J." and his shoddy alliance in their unrighteous demand for undeserved permalinks. To show my allegiance to you, I personally invented the name "Alliance of Flea Blogs" to describe your detractors. Please note that I did this solely because of my support for the rightness of your cause, and not because of those two times you linked to me. Now, though, I ask a favor. While the Alliance was asking for undeserved links, we small Idaho bloggers are most assuredly deserving of links from Idaho blogmaster Clayton Cramer -- we deserve them because we asked really nicely, and never claimed that he blended puppies or murdered hobos.
Seeing as how you permalink Clayton (and no other Idaho bloggers) I perceive that an endorsement from you of our group's goals would go a long way to convincing Cramer to see the light and provide our group the permalinks we so richly deserve. Thanks for your time."

Now we'll sit back and enjoy the show as Clayton sees the kind of blogospheric rhetoric we can bring down...

Secret message to some Idaho bloggers who have expressed doubts about this initiative: It's-ay upposed-say oo-tay ee-bay ah-ay oke-jay, and-ay ot-nay oo-tay ee-bay aken-tay eriously-say.

Update 2154 28 Jan: Here's another example of the important information more people could be getting if Clayton Cramer would link to other Idaho bloggers...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I can see the "honey do" list increasing ever so slightly whilst the uber-patient bubblehead hears a reply.

I'll be snookered if you get a permalink. Lemme know how its going

1/28/2006 10:18 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Stand by for snookering...

1/29/2006 7:14 PM


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