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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Joe Buff Speaks The Truth

Joe Buff has a great rebuttal to the policy wonks at the Center for American Progress, who recommend cancelling the Virginia program in their "Alternate QDR":

"First of all, folks, CAP seems to have mixed up the Virginia-class (up to 30 are planned) with the previous, truncated Seawolf-class (3 were built) -- which is a pretty egregious boo-boo to make in any purported QDR, alternative or otherwise. The Seawolfs were conceived at the height of the Cold War, to maintain undersea superiority against the Kremlin's submarine fleet. The Virginias were conceived of, designed, and entered construction entirely in a post-Cold War environment. They are specifically optimized for littoral warfare -- in shallow waters or near shore."

He gets better from there. Read the whole thing...


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