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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sure Convinced Me (Not)

From the pharmaceutically-impaired section of the Letters To The Editor section of the Idaho Statesman today (4th letter down):

Bush's oil interests

"Until the first Iraq war was over, it was a big secret of G. Bush Sr.'s ownership of three offshore oil wells south of Kuwait.
"Recently, he went to Jordan supposedly to access the storm damage near there. On the way home, he stopped in Kuwait. Just how many of the hundreds of oil wells there does he own? How many offshore wells does he own now? More than three I'd bet."
"In my opinion, all those pre-war weapons of mass destruction were to brainwash the U.S. citizens to attack Iraq. The underlying reasons were and are the Bush Sr. oil interests in Kuwait and offshore wells. The U.S. citizens have been suckered first class.
"Let's get this mess stopped by pulling our troops back home and let the civil war starting there have at it."

In addition to not understanding how Bush Sr. would benefit from going to "access" storm damage, I'm at a loss to explain anything here. I searched around a bit, and not even the most notorious moonbat sites are running with this conspiracy theory. I can't even find anything about a recent Bush Sr. visit to Jordan. I'm not a doctor, but it looks to me like this letter writer needs to either up the dosage, lower the dosage, or move on to another medicine...

Of course, this could all be an evil Rovian plot to make anti-war types appear to be raving loons...


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