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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brits Release Their Evidence

The British MoD has finally provided evidence that the British Sailors and Marines taken by Iran last week were clearly inside Iraqi waters when they were captured. Excerpts:
"The Iranian government has provided us with two different positions for the incident. The first we received on Saturday and the second on Monday. As this map shows, the first of these points still lies within Iraqi territorial waters. We pointed this out to them on Sunday in diplomatic contacts.
"After we did this, they then provided a second set of coordinates that places the incident in Iranian waters over two nautical miles from the position given by HMS CORNWALL and confirmed by the merchant vessel. The two Iranian positions are just under a nautical mile apart – 1800 yards or so. It is hard to understand a reason for this change of coordinates. We unambiguously contest both the positions provided by the Iranians.
Here's the chart with the actual position of the boarding, as well as the two claimed Iranian positions:

The British government apparently waited this long to provide the information so as not to "embarrass" the Iranian government without giving them a chance to de-escalate first. The only apparent result of this patience from the UK has been for U.S. conspiracy theorists to decide that it took this long for the Brits to forge the evidence.

And have you noticed that we haven't seen the usual "progressive" suspects wondering why these particular prisoners haven't been made available for visits by the Red Cross?


Blogger Trickish Knave said...

As more information becomes available about this kidnapping the more distressed I get on behalf of the Brits. At first there were several gunboats that came up on them now I read something that said it was only 2. If it was only 2 then I think they should have blasted their way out like the Millenium Falcon at Mos Eisley.

DDSs, if the line is in dispute then why did Iraq send the coords to the Brits that were later debunked by the UK? It wasn't until their bullshit was called that they changed their story and provided a new set of bullshit coords.

3/30/2007 3:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

but, why should anyone believe me

may i present Peter Lockwood.

in 2006 he was commander of the combined task force 158

158 patrolled the disputed waters

here is something he said to Stars and Stripes in Oct, 2006: "No maritime border has been agreed upon by the two countries [Iraq and Iran]"

~ the Dd Ss

3/30/2007 5:53 PM


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