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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adam Makes A Good Point

Here in Western Idaho, many of us find humor in the antics of our Congressman, Bill "Quixote" Sali, and his habit of being on the losing ends of 397-20 votes in the House. Adam Graham, although he doesn't technically live in Mr. Sali's district, has taken up the roll of being Congressman Sali's defender in the Idaho blogosphere.

Adam suggested, in a recent post, that anti-Sali bloggers try to get statements from Mr. Sali's office to explain his otherwise unexplainable votes, and that's a fair point. So, I went to the Congressman's website and sent him an E-mail, thusly:

My submarine-themed blog, The Stupid Shall Be Punished, is the most-viewed blog in Ada County. Congressman Sali's "defender" in the local blogosphere, Adam Graham, yesterday urged those opposing Mr. Sali's votes to contact him for explanations.
Adam makes a fair point, so I'd like to give Mr. Sali a chance to respond on my blog. I'll send him some questions, he or his staff could provide answers, and I'd post them verbatim. Some sample questions: 1) Why haven't you introduced your plan to cut payroll taxes that will save Medicare and Social Security for all generations, as your campaign website said you would? 2) How did you end up voting on Prop. 2? You never did answer that question like you said you would. 3) What is your position on the upcoming Treasure Valley community college funding referendum?
Please let me know, at your convenience, if we'd be able to arrange an E-mail interview.

Very Respectfully,
Joel Kennedy

(I added some hyperlinks to my E-mail above so my readers from out of state could see what the heck I'm talking about.) The Congressman's website auto-promised me a response in two to six weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out. (For new readers, some of my previous posts on Mr. Sali, which provide some background to my questions above, can be found here.)


Blogger Julie Fanselow said...

Good luck, Bubblehead.

While you're at it, please ask him why he was one of seven people to vote against aid to victims of torture.

4/29/2007 3:34 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I'm also looking forward to Adam defending that vote. I noticed that Rep. Sali is voting almost lockstep with nutcase Ron Paul, who's running for the Republican nomination for President; do you think we might have found out who Mr. Sali is supporting in '08?

4/29/2007 8:56 PM


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