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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nebraska Submarine Memorial Preservation

While I'm now an Idahoan, I was a Nebraskan while growing up and throughout my time in the Navy, so I'm very interested in things that happen back in Big Red Country. That's why I was interested to read about the upkeep the local US Submarine Veterans of WWII chapter is doing on the memorial to USS Wahoo (SS 238) in Wahoo, Nebraska:

From the article:
The long wait is just about over, however. The first step in the refurbishment process took place last week, when the plaques that adorned the front of the memorial were removed.
According to Vanicek, the plaques will be taken to a foundry in Omaha, where they will be made to look like new.
According to Hancock, some additional refurbishing work will be done on both the torpedo itself and the base that supports it. Much of this work is being done locally. Rick Woita will be doing the painting on the torpedo and Bullock Brothers will handle the masonry work for the base.
A new addition to the monument in the form of an engraved piece of granite will be added to the memorial. Vanicek said they are hoping to have the entire project completed by late August.
Some more information on the Wahoo monument from the perspective of a local blogger is here. It makes me feel good to know that there are groups all over the country caring for the memorials to our lost ships and Submariners, and I'm confident that as long as the Submarine Force stresses our heritage, each new generation of submariners will assume the duty of caring for these sacred places as their time comes.


Blogger Free The Nucs said...

I remember there was some old sub vet who made a living doing PMS on the Bowfin when I was at Pearl. Maybe it's more fun to do it after you're out.

4/24/2008 7:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent the last six months of my navy service on the later Wahoo SS565. Even though I came from the SSBN world, and even though there was a definite DBF attitude on the boat, I was treated well.

At that time the USN was selling the SS 565 to the Iranian navy. Those guys were scary. They turned valves just to see what would happen. We were taking them to sea weekly to help get them qualified.

I later saw the Wahoo in mothballs, tied up at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Seems the Iranians traded in the Wahoo for the US Embassy.


4/24/2008 11:48 AM


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