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Friday, July 11, 2008

Proud Parents Can Be Really Obnoxious

You know how annoying it is when parents go on and on about how smart their kids are? Well, stand by to be annoyed.

I opened the mail today, and found out that #1 Son had gotten a "5" on both his Calculus AB and Physics B AP exams. As a junior. w00t! If you're a college recruiter, please send your scholarship offers to the E-mail address listed in the profile.

I'll be continuing to brag on this kid throughout the year, and will start bragging on my youngest sometime next year. An earlier example of me bragging about my daughter can be seen here.


Blogger midwatchcowboy said...

Sounds like he'd go far in Annapolis. j/k

7/11/2008 3:16 PM

Blogger Galrahn said...

Observing a parent brag about their kids is a good sign.

My frustration is with the parents who don't, or can't, because they aren't involved enough in their childrens lives to know... or just don't care.

7/11/2008 3:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's nothing. My son got his 30 day chip!

7/14/2008 8:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take some of the credit Bubblehead, he couldn't have done it without some encouragement from you and the missus. Now my turn. Tomorrow I fly to JAX to meet my son the FC3 and ride his ship (named after a WWII MOH Marine Sargent) with some of the other relatives of the crew and relatives of said sargent. During my +20 years I never saw a Tiger Cruise at the tail end of a 6 month deployment but I won't miss an opportunity to let him show me his ropes. No, nothing in any of that to brag about. But he finally got off the Fast Food/Pizza merry go round and is on his way and proud of what he is doing. Good enough for us

7/14/2008 9:13 PM

Blogger Buck said...

Kudos, Bubblehead! For you and him.

@snnret, I got to go on a submarine Tiger and it was the ride of a lifetime. Closest thing to being an astronaut, I suspect. Didn't get to spend tons of time with my nuke MM2 because he works Where Mortals Can Not Go, but loved every minute aboard USS WhereHeWorks.

As an aside to all submariners. Thank you. The crew treated me so well despite me using up their oxygen. I'll be forever grateful to them and to all who serve in the Silent Service.

7/16/2008 11:48 AM


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