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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Notes From Around The 'Net

Eric (of The Sub Report fame) recently visited USS Texas (SSN 775) when she was in PEV PCAN and has a report with lots of pictures.

Another submarine blogger sent me a link to the website of this guy running for State Representative in Kansas; he's my new political hero -- a web geek on a mission. This is the kind of campaign I would run if I ever lost my mind and ran for office. I almost considered running for office this year -- even though I knew I wouldn't win, my current State Senator is such an extreme "black helicopter" conspiracy theorist that I felt it would be an insult to democracy to let her run unopposed; luckily, we got a good candidate to run against her. I got far enough in my thinking about it to come up with a slogan, though: "Joel Kennedy: Meridian Values, Real World Solutions, No Conspiracy Theories". It would have looked great on a billboard...

Last, and certainly least, enjoy this 10 second fake video of a jet launched from a submarine:


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey BH:
Your campaign slogan requires too much thinking. What are Meridian values, anyway? Here's one that a character of mine used- successfully- to win an election is a small town:
"Be Honest. Could I Be Any Worse?"
Gets right to the point.
Robin White

8/19/2008 1:15 PM

Blogger reddog said...

Dig the jet! Wish we had one of those. I can see it now.

"Hey Captain, can me and Seaman Apprentice Harrison borrow the buggy for liberty in Vlad? I got a hot date. I'll bring it back washed and fueled. I could pick up the Boat's mail and I promise to bring back enough Banana Nut and Triple Fudge Ripple for everyone."

8/19/2008 8:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A couple of related and unrelated comments:

1. The linked photos of the USS Texas showed a torpedo room with enough floor space to put on a Navy Ball. Is that the way it looks while deployed, or will it soon be filled with weps?

2. Where's the EM Log guy. I have to admit that I miss his cynical attitude. Mostly I miss his good stories.

3. Finally, my brother's son recently finished SK "A" school and was sent to a bird farm squadron. The brother tells me that through his son he is learning that the Navy is now kinder and gentler than back when we was in. It's one thing to have cut out the so called hazing. But he's saying that sailors now get paid overtime. Overtime? What's up with that? Am I getting BS'd? If it's true, under what circumstances does one qualify?

8/20/2008 3:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overtime?! Not that I've ever heard or can imagine. Either he's pulling someone's chain, he's mistaken, or the Navy owes me some cash.

8/20/2008 4:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get overtime pay if you qualify. Basically the Navy pays 1.5 times base pay for any time worked over 24 hours in a single day.


8/20/2008 6:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless said day is altered by time shifts, in which case the overtime cutoff limit is adjusted upwards accordingly.

8/21/2008 4:53 AM


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