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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bill Sali: Right And Wrong

Congressman Bill Sali continues to make news as he blunders towards the vote on Tuesday. First of all, I wanted to say that I agree with Congressman Sali that the Idaho Democratic Party was way out of bounds in failing to black out his and his wife's SSNs when they sent out a mailer about years-old delinquent bills. Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Jim Hansen should apologize to Congressman and Mrs. Sali.

That being said, Congressman Sali should apologize for a very misleading ad that takes a Walt Minnick answer on a questionaire from 1996 where he said he supported no changes in income tax levels and makes the claim that this means he supports higher taxes on the middle class now; in fact, Minnick supports a middle class tax cut.

And while he's at it, Mr. Sali should apologize for his staff's horrendous spelling. Check out this post on Sali's blog: remember, young Sali staffer, who almost certainly supports making English the "official" language: it's "Devastating Consequences", not "Devistating Consiquences". Also, the post is completely misleading anyway, because actually Walt Minnick doesn't support breaching the dams. That's probably why you didn't link to anything in the post; you didn't want people to know you were taking everything out of context.

Update 1558 30 October: I left a comment over at the blog post with the bad spelling; I knew they wouldn't post it, but I liked the young man who wrote the post when a met him a couple of weeks back, so I wanted to let him know so he could correct the spelling -- assuming that he'd so the right thing by the unspoken rules of the blogosphere and acknowledge a correction after it'd been brought to his attention. Well, the spellings were corrected, but no acknowledgement of the error was made. Just so people don't think I was making stuff up, here's a screenshot of the original post before editing:


Blogger fortboise said...

The old Usenet rule was "spelling flames considered harmful." Seems reasonable to maintain.

However, if you're stinky about "English as the official language," the gloves come off.

10/30/2008 9:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did come work for
Sali's 2006 race. I see that you have made reference to the fact that he is (very) slow in paying his bills. He (or the Club For Growth)owed me over $5,000 for over a month. After bringing local pressure on him, The Club finally paid it for him. It is my personal feeling that without this local pressure the bill would still be handing out there.

2/24/2009 4:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

typo "hanging out there"

2/24/2009 4:25 AM

Anonymous viagra online said...

Interesting information, the politic journalism are talking about Sali and he was first elected to the Idaho House in 1990, but he'd change the politic flag. There he gained a reputation as a staunch conservative on social and economic issues, frequently drawing the ire of the more moderate Republican house leadership

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