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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Submarines on Cable TV

It looks like the next two Thursdays (during the morning and afternoon, at least) are Submarine Days on the History Channel; here are the schedules for March 31 and April 7. This is to be expected, since April is the Submarine Force's birthday month. On April 24th, Sharks of Steel will be on The Discovery Channel; if you watch closely, and don't blink, you can actually see me in that one as a JO on the Topeka...

Off topic: As I was looking for a decent link for Sharks of Steel that didn't look like I was selling something (couldn't find one) I did run across these great submarine pictures from VADM (Ret) Yogi Kaufman. He had stopped by to visit us on the Topeka after the documentary was filmed and showed us these shots...


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