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Sunday, March 27, 2005

bothenook Finds Another Sub-Blogger

bothenook found another sub-blogger who's off to a good start. Rainman, at The Deck bLog, has a thought-provoking entry on one of my favorite Submarine Force heroes, CDR Dudley "Mush" Morton. Basically, Rainman's post discusses double standards regarding the consequences of wartime actions of winners and losers of the war; in this case, he compares a German U-Boat crew who were punished for massacring survivors of a torpedoed ship, while Morton was decorated for doing basically the same thing. (I think there are enough differences between the two situations, particularly that in Morton's case, the survivors were shooting back.) Rainman has the rest of the story, so feel free to join the discussion there.

Also, bothenook has more submarine memories...

Going deep...


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