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Monday, April 25, 2005

"What a Maroon"

Why in the world would someone wear high heels when they were planning on walking on ice?

Bell-ringer 1907 25 Apr: From the comments, a video of the incident pictured above can be found here.


Blogger ninme said...

Hah! Canadians can do anything on ice. They are more comfortable on ice than they are on asphalt. They prefer ice to any other flooring material. Ikea in Canada sells ice tiles for bed and bath.

And besides, they're not exactly stilettos. I was expecting a picture of some poor woman with her heels imbedded 3/4s of an inch in ice, with a zamboni bearing down on her and cowering maintenance crews chipping away as the crowd roars in anger at the damage done to their precious ice.

4/25/2005 3:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at the whole show at There was carpet on the ice but when she stepped on it, it slid away.

That Damn Good Looking Aganger From Iowa

4/25/2005 4:06 PM


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