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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mocking and Belittling... Vikings RB Onterrio Smith

This is just wrong on so many levels...

"A search of a bag Smith was carrying April 21 turned up several vials of dried urine and a device called "The Original Whizzinator," which includes a fake penis, bladder and athletic supporter."

Here's the web site for The Original Whizzinator.

Emergency deep...


Anonymous Ernie said...

Back at TRF, I was the Chief that did the Drug testing, The rules were that you had to be in a position to see the penis touch the bottle. If they had something like this it could be hard to determine if it was his. The only way you could really find out is by tou*** no could not even think of that! If the guy did not heat up the urine, you could catch him that way. Thank God I am no longer in the Navy.

5/11/2005 8:55 PM

Blogger ninme said...

I hope he didn't play with the thing on (i'm too scared to read the whole article). Wouldn't that cause a rash?

5/11/2005 11:38 PM

Blogger WillyShake said...

LOL. I love the "Emergency Deep!" ...good call!

5/12/2005 7:16 AM

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