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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Religion and the Air Force Academy

CDR Salamander and submariner Rob are on the opposite sides of this issue... As for me, I would personally laugh in the face of some 21 year old hotshot who tried to get me to change my religion, so I have a hard time putting myself in the place of an 18 year old college freshman who might not know that he or she really can tell the upperclassmen to piss off if they cross a line like that... (If there are any Academy upperclassmen reading this who think that you really do have some sort of power, just remember... you're going to be an oxygen-breathing, scrubber-loading, rack-taking, food-eating, san-tank-filling non-qual no-load Ensign or 2nd LT in a year or two...)

On the other hand, I agree with CDR Salamander anyone who joins the military thinking they will be shielded from all religious expression got some bad gouge somewhere, and that the backlash from the investigation is going to be worse than the original problem...

Going deep...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget, air breathing, water wasting, no load (non-qual puke.)

5/04/2005 8:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been said that the Naval Academy is the only institution that can take a perfectly normal high school graduate and in only four years turn him into a blithering idiot. But we should also remember that many of the Navy's finest officers came out of Annapolis.

It was the influx of younger Academy graduates in the early days of WWII that is credited with blasting the submarine force out of complacency and getting it into the fight. And no I didn't attend the Academy. I went to an accredited university.

Anyway, the Air Force Academy just seems to be in the news way too much these days. Just what is going on there?

5/05/2005 6:14 AM


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