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Thursday, July 21, 2005

USS Tucson News

The crew of USS Tucson is in the news. CSP reports about how the Tucson Commissioning Committee recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of Tucson's commissioning.

"On July 15, more than 275 Tucsonans traveled to San Diego by plane, car and charter bus to tour the nuclear-powered attack submarine and celebrate the 10th anniversary of USS Tucson (SSN 770) commissioning.
"Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup declared “USS Tucson Week” in recognition of a series of events that took place last weekend in San Diego.

"In addition, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano recognized the 10th Anniversary of the submarine's commissioning by officially proclaiming Sept. 9, 2005 as “USS Tucson Day” statewide."

Here in Boise, it looks like the Commissioning Committee is completely inactive; however, they might be still doing some stuff with the boat, and just haven't gotten ahold of me. Also, here's a report on two Tucson watchstanders recognized for saving some jet-skiers off Hawaii. The LOCs were presented during the festivities with the Commissioning Committee in San Diego.

"USS Tucson (SSN 770) Commanding Officer Commander Jimmy Pitts presented Electronics Technician 2nd Class Colt Schofield and Sonar Technician (Submarines) 3rd Class Damion Snyder with letters of commendation Friday for their part in the rescue of two jet skiers Jun.19. The two submarine Sailors were standing the sail watch, while Tucson was off the coast of Maui, when they noticed two jet skiers that stood out from the rest.
“There were several jet skiers out,” said Snyder. “I was keeping an eye on things when I noticed two heading away from Maui. I was checking out where they were because they kept going further and further out.”
"Though the jet skiers disappeared from view, Snyder said he remembered them when he heard that the Coast Guard sent out an alert that two were missing. Snyder then reported to the quartermaster where he’d seen them and the quartermaster relayed that information to the Coast Guard. According to news reports one jet skier, Patrick Hannon, spent 15 hours adrift before Coast Guard authorities in a helicopter spotted him. The other jet skier had already been returned to Maui."

Speaking of jet skiers and San Diego, I've got a great story that I'll post here tomorrow...


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How far is it from Maui to San Clemente?

7/22/2005 12:13 PM

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