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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One Really Good Thing About Groton...

Watching the fireworks tonight, I thought back to one of the things I liked best about living in Groton -- the fireworks on the river during Sailfest, usually a week or so after the 4th of July. Put on by the Mashantucket Pequots (who run Foxwoods Casino), these Grucci fireworks were always the highlight of the year. They were always advertised as the second-biggest annual show on the East Coast, and I can believe it -- three barges putting on about a 20 minute continuous show. The only problem was parking to get a good place, so that's why we always had people happy to stand duty on fireworks day; they shot them off just upstream of EB, so anyone there always had the best view.

In other Groton news, I see that it appears that the state is trying to muscle the local "Subase Realignment Coalition" out of the way. Bad move, IMHO; John Markowicz and his group have been the only ones making any reasonable arguments. Hopefully egos won't get in the way of the effort to convince the BRAC committee to remove Subase NLON from the list.

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Blogger Alex Nunez said...

Frankly BH, I am very concerned about how things are going to turn out after Team CT finishes presenting to the BRAC commissioners tomorrow.

The Courant article, which I read last night, left a very bad taste in my mouth. Here you have Markowicz, who clearly is the person best equipped to make the most effective arguments for keeping the Groton base open, being frozen out by a bunch of politicians who, lets be honest, have done little more than grandstand since the BRAC announcement was made in May.

Giving Markowicz just 30 minutes total to make his case is stupid and utterly counter-productive. Meanwhile Jodi "Cleanup = billions?" Rell and Rob " Pearl Harbor!" Simmons are going to have more time than the one man who is best equipped to accomplish their ultimate goal. Chris Dodd is also going to play a key role tomorrow, and while I cannot stand him politically, he is good at arguing a position. That's a plus, I guess.

This stinks of politicians being dazzled by the BS being bandied about by their recently-hired lobbying firm. The article makes the point that the lobbyists (I forget the name of the firm) have experience getting sites off BRAC lists.

Thing is, so does Markowicz. And the one he helped save is the one in danger again now.

I hope that the pols kick ass in Boston tomorrow, but based on all the coverage I've seen over the last 2 months or so, I think there's legitimate cause for concern.

7/05/2005 8:39 AM


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