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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Collins Class Sub Repairs

The Australian Navy has announced that they will upgrade the flex hoses in the aux seawater systems of their Collins class diesel boats.

"Vice-Admiral Shalders said the navy would replace the type of flexible seawater hose that failed on Dechaineux, causing a huge flood that almost sent the submarine to the ocean floor. The Weekend Australian revealed last month that Dechaineux was only 20 seconds from sinking to the sea bed along with its 55 crew.
"Although rigorous tests on existing hoses have failed to explain why the hose broke on Dechaineux, Vice-Admiral Shalders said a new type of hose would be introduced as "insurance" against another flood.
"Eventually we want to replace all of those hoses (because) one of them failed ... and we don't know why it failed when it did," he said. "We are still not happy that the hose can withstand what we need to do."
"The navy is exploring options for a new type of hose, but Vice-Admiral Shalders denied that the submarines were at risk in the meantime."

This should allow the Aussies to eliminate the restrictions on these boats' max diving depth, as I discussed last week. Good on ya, mates!


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