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Monday, September 19, 2005

"Peace In Our Time"

I think most people recognize that today's announcement of an "agreement" on nuclear weapons in the Six-Party Talks over North Koreans nukes has all the historical import of Clement Attlee's "scrap of paper", but it's better than spiraling towards war now. (Not that I think the Administration is "appeasing" North Korea, unless "not destroying them immediately" is considered appeasement.) What I'll be interested to see is if the left side of the chattering classes follow the lead of this DU commenter, who seems to think that this is proof that Bu-shitler should have let diplomacy work in Iraq.

To me, this agreement actually shows that if all the "great powers" stick together, they can convince even the most wacko world leaders that they'd better play nice. There's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that Saddam Hussein actually thought his French, German, and Russian buddies were going to be able to keep the U.S. from invading; maybe if they had stuck with us, we could have gotten rid of the Hussein boys without the invasion.

On the other hand, I don't expect many from the left to say that this shows that Senator Kerry was right in wanting to push bilateral talks instead of the Six-Party Talks.


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