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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latest Terror Alert Based On Bad Info

It looks like the reports of an imminent attack on NYC subways were based on a lying informant. It also looks like the Moonbat Morning QBs are all up in arms over the "intelligence failure". This might lead one to question why the federal intelligence agencies would share unconfirmed intel with city officials, when they might end up making the news of the threat public, as they did this time.

Well, here's one possible reason. Do you remember the hoopla that erupted when it turned out that the feds were investigating rumors of a potential nuclear attack on NYC in early 2002, and they didn't tell city officials about it? Were local politicians happy that the city's activities hadn't been disrupted by suspect intelligence? Well, as it turns out, that wasn't the case. Senator Clinton sent a letter to President Bush in March 2002:

"News reports today indicate that one month after the September 11th attacks, federal law enforcement officials received intelligence that terrorists had obtained a nuclear weapon stolen from Russia and planned to smuggle it into and then discharge it in Manhattan. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, officials from the New York Police Department and senior members of the FBI reportedly were not notified about the intelligence, even though the effects of such an explosion would be catastrophic for the entire New York metropolitan region.
"Although the intelligence came from a questionable source, and an investigation ultimately determined that it was false, it is nevertheless extraordinary that New York officials were kept in the dark about a potential threat to the security of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.
"Since the September 11th attacks, towns and cities, both large and small, all across America have had to bear the enormous burden of protecting Americans from potential terrorist attacks. With our local law enforcement officials on the frontlines in the war against terrorism on U.S. soil, it is a mistake to withhold critical information from them about the nature of attacks they might face. I urge you to encourage federal intelligence and law enforcement officials to provide this kind of intelligence information to State and local law enforcement officials so that they are prepared in the event of an attack."

It's funny to me that when the Administration actually does what their political opponents want them to do, the liberals still whine about it.

Here's another thing that cheeses me off -- all the complaints that the timing of "terror alerts" is done strictly to help the President politically. You've seen the snarky comments: "This was clearly announced today because Shrub's poll numbers are down/up/stagnant" (choose whichever applies that day). Here's what the liberals need to do: Come up with a calendar where they set aside a few dates each month in advance where the Administration is allowed to announce politically sensitive news without being accused of manufacturing terror alerts for political gain.

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