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Monday, October 24, 2005

So Will The Spaniards Try To Arrest These Guys?

There are conflicting reports of the numbers of deaths from the bomb attacks on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad today. As you may remember, the Palestine Hotel is the "reporter's hotel" that was fired on by an American tank in April 2003 as they were taking fire from the location; a Spanish judge recently issued "international arrest warrants" for the tank commander and officers in his chain of command. Anyone wanna bet that the Spaniards will be as interested in seeking "justice" against (non-American) people who clearly targetted the hotel without any military exigency?

Didn't think so...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy. Just got done reading David Zucchino's "Thunder Run" which tells the story of the armored dash into Baghdad which effectively won the war. Great read, seems well researched, rings true. Based on his interviews and accounts of battle from various participants, the Palestine Hotel got lit up by a tank round not because someone was actually firing from there, but because they felt that the hotel was housing an FO that was bringing fire down on our positions. The troops were coming under accurate enemy artillery fire, and they had captured a cell phone from an Iraqi that intelligence officers believed was being to direct the fire. Hence, in the heat of battle, a journalist eyeballing the fight with a telescope on a tripod was deemed to be a target, and got fired upon. Ghastly consequence, and tragic.

But hey, no one forced them to become a war correspondent. No way do I blame our troops. A press pass has nothing in common with a magic shield.

10/25/2005 11:16 PM


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