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Saturday, November 19, 2005

OK, We All Have Typos...

...but sometimes I might expect fewer of them from junior high English teachers, as does this poster over at Martini's BBS. In case they correct or replace it quickly, here's the last two lines of the current web assignment for their students:

"Music is the prefered medium, but not required. Spelling is do Friday." [Emphasis mine]

Going deep...

Update 1919 21 Nov: This is too classic. Those who click on the link above (and here, for your convenience) will notice that they updated the assignment, so the part I quoted above is now gone. The new assignment: "Finsh Projects!!!"


Blogger ninme said...

Our seventh grade class got an invitation to compete in a spelling bee (participating schools' champions can compete in the et cetera et cetera) and they used their instead of there and I thought *that* was shocking.

11/19/2005 11:06 PM


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