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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Carter's Welcome To Her New Home

Found an article in a Washington paper about the arrival of my old boat, USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23), in her new home of Bangor, Washington.

While I'm normally not too excited about boats making a big deal out of a 25 day underway (and I was especially unexcited about the Carter flying a broom coming back from Alpha trials) in this case I'll make an exception -- many of the families had moved to Bangor over the summer, so they hadn't seen their Sailors in quite a while, and an interfleet transfer of what is basically a new class of submarine is a pretty big deal; lots of chances for stuff to break.

"Capt. Robert Kelso, commander of the Jimmy Carter, also was pleased with the trip from Connecticut. “The ship worked very well through the long trip,” he said. “It only took 25 days, but it has been the equivalent of a deployment for us.”

Welcome to your new home, guys... I look forward to not being able to read about what you're doing to earn the PUCs that are coming your way.

Going deep...

Update 1920 15 Nov: Via The Sub Report, here's the official Navy report on Carter's arrival.


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