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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Blogroll Additions

Via Instapundit, I just found out that Dilbert writer Scott Adams has a blog that's been running for about six weeks now. You've gotta check out this post comparing and contrasting the best and worst jobs in the world. Excerpt:

"...Maybe it’s just a “guy thing” but the idea of blowing up a mud hut by remote controlled drone sounds like the most fun thing I can think of. And if the number 3 al-Qaida leader happens to be inside, that’s a bonus. It certainly makes your story sound less nerdy afterwards.
"I find it interesting that the guy with the best job in the world gets to blow up the guy with the worst job in the world..."
[Number 3 al-Qaida leader being the worst job in the world.]

I've also added SondraK's most excellent group blog, Knowledge Is Power, which I found via Blog Idaho. It's a really thought-provoking blog (bad word warning, though), and I'm adding it because of the cutting and insightful humor, and not at all because I won a contest there. (The contest was to identify the inspiration for this post in one of SondraK's contributor's blogs.) I've also added the contributor's (Matt) blog, Overtaken By Events, because it's really good, and not because I feel bad about violating bloggy etiquette in using Google to answer the question and win the contest.

Anyway, check out these blogs, and the other excellent sites on my blogroll. You'll be glad you did!

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