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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Russian Nuclear Plant Explosion

This is probably nothing, but there are reports of an explosion Thursday at a Russian nuclear plant near St. Petersburg. Radiation levels are reported as "normal", since the explosion reportedly happened in a smelter. As I said, it's probably nothing, but the Russians don't have a very good track record of having accurate initial reports of problems.

They don't say, but it was probably at this plant.

Update 2358 15 Dec: More here; it appears that it was at the Leningrad NPP, as I suspected. They're saying the explosion in the smelter was outside of the grounds of the plant, but that one of the reactors was shut down as a precaution.

Update 2007 16 Dec: Much more here; the article says the smelting operation is involved in melting down decommissioned Russian submarines. It also changed the description of the accident from an "explosion" to a "splash" of molten metal.


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