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Friday, December 30, 2005

SECNAV... Departing

Gordon England resigned as Secretary of the Navy yesterday, in order to free him to spend more time as Acting Deputy SecDef. He's been "Acting" DepSecDef for eight months now, because of a hold a couple of Senators put on his nomination -- there should be a recess appointment soon.

Secretary England's farewell message is here. Excerpt:

"For 230 years our Naval Services have built a proud history. During the past five years, I have personally witnessed your service, sacrifice and courage. You have added to this legacy of excellence and victory in the defense of freedom and liberty.
"Since the attacks of 9-11 you have been part of a joint military force that has liberated 50 million people from the brutal, totalitarian rule of the Taliban and Saddam. The compassion you have shown to millions following tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes has showcased the highest ideals and generosity of America. Like all of your fellow Americans, I am proud of your service and also privileged to have served with you."

The incoming SecNav, Donald Winter, who was confirmed by the Senate last month, will be sworn in on Jan. 3rd. So, for five days, we get an Acting SecNav.

Going deep...


Blogger Photios said...

More on the hold on Mr. England.

Carl Levin is, btw, a jackass.

And, I have answered your question as best I could (Charlie Oscar, of course).


12/30/2005 12:48 PM

Blogger Skippy-san said...

Interesting. No where in Mr Winter's bio did I read about something that I thought would be important for a serivce secretary:

ACTUAL MILITARY SERVICE! Lots of business experience, but where is the empathy of having actually served?

12/30/2005 3:12 PM

Blogger Chap said...

Actual Military Service? It's a civilian-led organization. Navy organizes, trains and equips; COCOMs fight. Overgeneralization but that's the legalism. Most of what the SecNav does these days that needs improvement for the Navy involves buying stuff (ships and airplanes, y'know).

And we know how well that actual military service worked out for the Air Force's previous secretary. Guy p***ed on the third rail around McCain over the Boeing tanker lease and never recovered. Yup, military service helped him a lot there.

Can the guy do the job is my question. (I'm sure CDR Salamander, who's still smarting from the CNO Clark's new Raytheon job, would have a thing or two to say about it...)

Anyhow. I dropped by to mention one of the last times we had an Acting, it was Teddy Roosevelt, and he took a few days when the boss was on leave to have Dewey sit off Venezuela over Christmas to enforce the Monroe Doctrine before anybody noticed. Lots of people got in a snit, but the Deed Was Done. That story got buried until a friend of mine found a letter about it in the National Archives...

1/02/2006 8:56 PM


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