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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Then They Came For The Liberals..."

I've been interested to read the various posts about a contract awarded to KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, for a contingency contract to build "expansion facilities" in the event of a natural disaster, or some such thing, that would require people to be evacuated from their homes (or, alternately, to handle an influx of refugees).

All the usual suspects have been going on about how this contract means that they'll start building the camps now, obviously for the purpose of imprisoning political dissidents. The fact that Halliburton is involved only serves to make them more convinced that this is just the next step in turning AmeriKKKa into a Nazi stronghold (except that apparently these Nazis are all supporters of Jews... they don't explain that). Now the news is even making its way into mainstream newspapers (the linked article makes it all the way to the 3rd sentence before introducing Nazi imagery).

Here's one thing they don't talk about, though. Even the posts at the Daily Kos mention that this contract is a renewel of a similar 5 year contract first let in 2000, and this one even explores the fact further. What interests me is that no one mentions who was President in 2000, when the contract was originally let. Remember, President Bush was inaugerated in Jan. 2001, which means that the President who let the initial contract, to KBR, was...

Or, if this level of moonbattery bores you, check out this post at (not officially affiliated with the Democratic Party) that suggests that Karl Rove is planning a terrorist attack for the Super Bowl.


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