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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bothenook Finds Another One

Once again, bothenook has found another submariner on the 'net. Ted, over at Musings of an Old Man, has what looks to be the beginnings of an excellent series of submarine-related posts up: "Welcome To Submarines" and "Hot Bunking". He's been added to my blogroll... you other sub-bloggers should consider doing the same.

Update 0619 03 March: Off-topic, but kinda along the same lines (other blogs I've found). As many of you know, I'm a big fan of BlameBush! -- a blog in which the author and commenters make fun of DU/Daily Kos-type ideas by pretending to be progressive moonbats themselves. I found what looks like a similar site here in Idaho, where the blogger seems to be posing as an extremely stereotypical "angry liberal". It's hilarious! Check out this entry from before the 2004 election:

"Who does this leave to vote for Bush? I suggest probably the following:
The apparently insatiably greedy (the filthy rich and CEO's who have more money than they can comfortably spend but still think they are entitled to more, more, more, while the rest of us will have to make do with less and less).
An undetermined number of voters whose I.Q.'s hover between 75 and 90 (and who are apparently determined to vote "for one of their own").
Those who believe the "Rapture" is imminent (provided, of course, the Israelis, with the help of the Bush Administration, can steal enough Palestinian land)."

Brilliant! You should really check out the whole blog. It just reads as so stereotypically angry left that it left me with tears running down my eyes and soda all over my computer screen. In fact, it's so realistic, it almost left me wondering if it might be for real...


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