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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Commenter's Remorse

Have you ever left a comment on a blog, and right away kind of wished you hadn't? I'm feeling that way now... just a little bit.

First, some background. A known skimmer officer with the nom de blog "Yankee Sailor" decided to take some potshots at my fellow sub-blogger Rob. (Rob, as you may know, if both active duty and liberal... a strange mix, I admit, but there are more of them than you might think.) Yankee Sailor decided that he didn't think that a liberal on active duty should be allowed the same free speech rights as conservative mil-bloggers, or some such thing, and he came up with some UCMJ articles to "prove" it. Rob responded quite ably on his blog, as well as at Yankee Sailor's place and over at Castle Argghhh!!!, where the discussion really took off. (Some of us sub-bloggers contributed to the discussions, but my "That's what you are, but what am I" comments weren't even in the same league as Rob's well-thought-out dissertations.)

This morning, Yankee Sailor retracted his two posts from yesterday, and replaced them with another post that says he talked to a JAG about the whole issue. Rob commented at Argghhh!!! that someone had called the SubPac JAGs office to complain about his blog, which I thought was a really chickens**t thing to do (calling the office to complain, not posting about someone doing it.) Based on no real data other than the fact that Yankee Sailor is a skimmer, and they do things like that, I got it in my head that Y.S. had been the one to call the CSP lawyer.

The more I thought about that, the more ticked off I got. Paraphrasing Boon and Otter from "Animal House", I thought, "They can't do that to our liberal... only we can give crap to our liberal." Being in that frame of mind, I went over to Yankee Sailor's and posted a comment that was really a little bit over the line -- by way of explanation, I was "responding" to a lame comment to this post by a retired ISC who goes by "Seaspook", but it was aimed squarely at Yankee Sailor:

"Well, Seaspook, I'm retired too, so I don't mind saying that it could appear to some as though you and the commenters on your blog sound like racists with regard to Mexican-Americans. I notice that Yankee Sailor permalinks you... does that mean he supports what some might call your supremacist organization? Would he support someone calling the JAG office in Newport with a complaint that he may be espousing supremacist causes in violation of DoD Directive 1325.6, paragraph 3.5.8? I'd say he's not really guilty of this, but would he support taking up a JAGs time (a government resource) to ask them about it to make sure? Actually, he shouldn't worry about it, because I can't imagine that anyone would stoop low enough to call a JAG office to report a blogger... Anyone who would was probably one of those "Teacher, Teacher, you forgot to give us homework" types in school."

I felt bad about posting almost as soon as I hit "publish", because Rob, and the posters at Castle Argghhh!!!, have tried to keep the debate civilized. While Seaspook and his commenters might actually be racist, I really hate throwing that tag around unless it's obvious, but I needed it to make my point. Plus, there's a chance that Yankee Sailor wasn't the one who called the JAGs office, or the CSP JAG staff just reads blogs on their own. Still, if it turns out that he was the one who called, it was totally worth it...

Update 0044 30 March: Yankee Sailor says he wasn't the one who called the JAG, so it was someone else. I apologized to Seaspook for specifically implying that he and his commenters might be racist, where I should have spoken in generalities, and he graciously accepted my apology. Elsewhere, Chapomatic weighs in with some thoughful ideas on the whole matter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. That sucks.

3/29/2006 6:02 AM

Blogger Yankee Sailor said...

Whoa, take it easy on the rapid fire accusations. The JAG I talked to is a lawyer I know from my break in service who's a JAG in the National Guard. And believe me, he's a dyed in the wool Massachusetts Liberal and didn't report it to anyone.

And, as mentioned elsewhere, I heard about Rob's blog after at least one officer had approached him about the problem and the dime got dropped.

3/29/2006 6:59 AM

Anonymous squid said...

Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Everyone wins and when it's over, all the participants are still retarded.

3/29/2006 1:10 PM

Anonymous Unkawill said...


3/29/2006 2:53 PM

Anonymous Subbasket said...

Dear Squid: Well I guess for those of us who have taken part in the Special Olympics(4 golds, 1 sliver for swimming) are winners and retarded. I guess that makes "tiny bubbles" a retarded lover doesn't it. I resent your remark and comparsion. I did take part in a GREAT organization which help build my self esteem and gave me a wonderful chance to teach my children to not only take a chance in becoming friends with those who are different than they are but not to look down on them like YOU! I have raised 3 wonderful children which 2 of them have taken part in the gifted and talented programs at their schools. These 2 children also score very high on their ISATs at school which leads me to that fact that these so called "retarded" people that you referring to are more human than YOU will ever be.

3/29/2006 8:32 PM

Blogger Subsunk said...

OK, folks. That's enough concern about who posts what on whose blog. This is turning into a tempest in a teapot, covered by the equivalent of CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR for solely sensational entertainment value. Yankee Sailor is entitled to his opinion. Rob is entitled to his opinion.

The namecalling is unnecessary on all sides. The indignation over the subject is misplaced. And the magnitude of any grievance is insignificant compared to Christians being killed for converting from Islam, bombs blowing up Americans and Iraqis for no good reason, illegal immigrants beating up the citizens of America, France, Pakistan, India, etc....

Guys, the MSM would love for bloggers to eat their own. None of the participants here deserves that fate. Back in the box, please.

Conn, Maneuvering, Ready to answer ALL bells.


3/30/2006 6:22 AM

Blogger Seaspook said...


I just checked out Rob's blog. Looks like he got busted and sent to the surface fleet. I hate that they took such harsh action. I feel he really used poor judgement for a 1st Class, but this was harsh.

4/01/2006 7:09 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Check the date of his post...

4/02/2006 8:41 AM


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