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Monday, March 27, 2006

Thanks For Clearing That Up

Very interesting Letter To The Editor in today's Idaho Statesman (2nd letter down). The writer wants to clear up some misconceptions that other letter writers have, and provides some information that, frankly, I hadn't ever known:

There are frequently misstatements made in the Letters section. Allow me to correct these false impressions:
• War: War is an armed conflict between or within countries (and involves all of its peoples.) There is no war against individuals, ideologies, drugs, crime or terrorism. Only way to "win" a war is to destroy the enemy and leave. To stay for any reason is a loss. (Reparations, occupation, controlling the government, etc.)

• Abortion: A medical process, with mother and the unborn. A baby or a child denotes live birth. For the reason of abortion — and there are many — every one of these is saved from abuse, not by individuals, but by society for medical, economic, mental, psychological, neglect and other reasons.
• Morality: An individual's code of conduct. Everyone has different moral values. There is no universal standard. ("I'm moral, you're not," sort of thing.)

• Marriage: Not biblical. According to history, the institution of marriage was established just over 300 years ago, and the legal rights and privileges of such a union were created long after. These are the benefits sought by the gay community — not the ceremony so many heterosexuals violate every day.

The first point is patently ridiculous -- apparently our occupations of Germany and Japan after WWII were the reason we lost the war -- and the second point lacks, well, a point (as well as any hint of sentence structure). Is he saying that everyone who is born is abused by society, so we'd be better off not being born? The third point is pretty much the crux of the conflict between the religious and non-religious, so I'll give him a grudging pass on that one.

Now we reach his "point" on marriage: "According to history, the institution of marriage was established just over 300 years ago..." Huh?!? I'm not sure what history this guy's been reading, but I was always taught that marriage was a pretty big deal back in the time of, for example, Henry VIII (which was almost 500 years ago). Some say it goes back even further. Maybe the writer is one of those people who thing the Earth was made 6,000 years ago, and he's compressing time.

Seriously, he's obviously concerned about the Gay Marriage Ban amendment being proposed for the Idaho Constitution. There are lots of reasons to oppose such an amendment -- my main reason (among others) is I don't like the idea of being able to amend the Constitution with a simple majority vote, so I'm voting against any Constitutional amendment on general principles -- and lots of ways to try to convince others, but making up "facts" that have no basis in reality isn't one of them. It does provide cheap laughs for newspaper readers, though...


Blogger jeffox said...

Man, you have some pretty bad editors of newspapers there. :)

Minnesota is also toying with this marriage ban thing. I appreciate your position, mine's pretty much the same here.

3/28/2006 12:27 AM

Blogger Zoe Brain said...

I'm in a slightly different situation. In Australia, it's possible to have a same-sex marriage, but only when the marriage was solemnised, it wasn't same-sex.

This can happen when one partner is transsexual and gets treatment, or if they have a rare Intersex condition that is associated with being transsexual (they start to change apparent somatic sex without medical intervention...)

You know there are hundreds of different Intersex conditions? There are guys who are genetically female, girls who are genitically male, and with some coniditions, they only find this out when they go to a fertility clinic to find out why they've not been able to have kids.

There are also guys whose genes are mostly 46xy (male), but with some 46xx(female) in, and girls who are partly 46xy. There's guys (well, most of them look like guys) who are 47xxy, and girls who are 45x.

The trouble is when you make laws to say that Pi = 3, or that everyone is either male or female. Both are approximations,a and if you try to jam Reality into a fitting such a law, Bad Stuff (tm) happens.

3/29/2006 8:34 PM


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