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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pictures Of An Old Soviet Submarine Base

A series of recent pictures of what used to be the Black Sea Fleet Sub Base on the Crimean Penisula in Balaklava, Ukraine, has been showing up on a lot of defense-related websites and blogs. Via Subtopia, the pictures apparently came originally from this Russian LiveJournal site, and was picked up by DefenseTech from Fun Mansion. Here's what seems to be a sign for the base:

The pictures at Fun Mansion really look like the base was straight out of a James Bond movie...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it seems to be a memorial of some kind. I cant make out the first word (its mostly covered), but the other word is "war" in accusative case. With the dates, it looks like a memorial to WW2. Cool site....

4/26/2006 7:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"remember the war" reminder regarding worl war II

1/25/2010 12:59 PM

Anonymous muebles palencia said...

It won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I believe.

11/27/2011 12:55 AM


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