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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Goat On The Boat"

Over at Rontini's BBS I found a most excellent sea story from the DBF crowd that you should check out (the original source material is here). Sample quote:
Duke told us to get the goat out of the engine room and off the boat. We tried to convince Duke that he should let us keep the goat as a mascot. Duke presented sound reasons for getting rid of the goat to each of our arguments, except for one. When he tried to reason with us by asking "What about the smell?" One of the troops shot right back "The goat will get used to the smell, we all did."
Here's a picture from the story:

No matter what humorous stuff us nuclear boat guys do, there' s no way we could ever match the stories the diesel boat Sailors can come up with...

(The story and photo above come from the USS Archerfish (SS 311) Pages, which is one of the better boat pages out there.)


Blogger Eagle1 said...

I hate to speculate as to what bubblehead fun can be had with a goat...

7/19/2006 4:17 PM


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