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Friday, August 18, 2006

Finding WWII Subs Final Resting Places

Earlier this year, the confirmation of the final patrol location of USS Lagarto (SS 371) was big news. This week, we're getting double the excitement.

As I discussed earlier, the family of the last CO of USS Grunion (SS 216) believe they found that sub's resting place on Wednesday; thanks to modern communications, they were able to blog about it right away.

At about the same time, an AP story came out that said that the Russians apparently found USS Wahoo (SS 238) in the La Perouse Strait last month. According to a press release from The Wahoo Project:
The surveys confirm a side scan anomaly, which may possibly be the submarine USS Wahoo. The energy company, aware of the historic and humanitarian operation, selflessly offered its support, which coincided with its own offshore surveys. A sub-sea survey conducted by Russian divers out of Vladivostok, utilizing the Project Group’s information, confirmed the findings as a submarine at the end of July.
This would be a huge find. The CO of the Wahoo, LCDR Dudley "Mush" Morton, is the man who really taught the Submarine Force how to fight. Doing honor to him and his brave crew -- at the place where this amazing sub took her last dive -- will be the best way for the submariners who came after Morton to truly show their thanks to him for showing us the way.


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