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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Maybe A Little Scarier Than They Were Looking For

Northern Idaho seems to have all the strangest "off-beat" stories lately; first the bear-hunting baby-sitter, and now this:
The teens told Kootenai County sheriff's deputies they were at a Halloween party on Grandview Drive when they decided to go "ding dong ditching" – ringing doorbells and running away. The teens said they noticed a house next door that was under construction and "thought it would be scary inside," deputies reported.
After entering the home through the garage, the teens saw what they believed were "bags" hanging from the rafters in the basement. The teens shot at the object with BB guns and threw chunks of lumber at it, the Sheriff's Department said...
...The teens went back to the party next door to get a flashlight. When they shined the flashlight to see what they were shooting at, they realized it was the body of a man, according to sheriff's deputies.
The teens said they screamed, ran back to the party and told others they had found a body, "but nobody believed them," the report said. They finally persuaded someone to go back to the unfinished home with them. But as they arrived, they were confronted by the owner, 65-year-old Norman Giddings, who was carrying a machete. He ordered the teens to get down on the ground and said if they didn't, "he would bust their heads open," according to the report.
Giddings, who didn't return a call seeking comment, told deputies he was at his nearby home when a neighbor called and said there were people in the home he was having built. Giddings told deputies he took his daughter, and a machete "for protection," and went to investigate.
Jody DeLuca, Kootenai County's chief deputy coroner, said the body of the man, who had hanged himself, had not been there long before the teens entered the home. DeLuca said there were no visible injuries to the body that would indicate it had been hit by the BB...
...According to the sheriff's report, Giddings said he didn't want to press charges. He told a deputy that the teens "had been through enough."
It's sad that the man committed suicide, but I'm sure this will be a Halloween those teenagers won't ever forget.


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