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Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Other Republicans Say About Bill Sali

Update 1716 23 Oct: I'm pretty sure this is the first ever political ad to use the word "fricking" in it.


Blogger Sara E Anderson said...

Yeah, I have to say that I giggled when I heard the Movie Preview Voice guy use the term.

10/24/2006 10:29 AM

Blogger girlfriday said...

Obviously I think this is a bunch of crap. You could fill a decade's worth of legislative records with the verbal abuse elected officials sling at each other; behind closed doors or otherwise.

But I think Larry Grant has a nice face.

10/24/2006 11:31 PM

Blogger Julie in Boise said...

A decade's worth? GirlFriday, I am pretty sure all those GOP quotes were uttered just this year.

You certainly don't need to do much digging to find antipathy toward Bill Sali. Sali keeps blaming the media for his non-starting campaign, but with colleagues like these, who needs the media?

10/29/2006 9:28 PM


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