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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Those Who Unwittingly Interact With The Temporarily Stupid Are Also Punished

A few years back, I had an epiphany: since my sons and I had crewcuts, it seemed like a waste of $10 or so to go to the barber every couple of months when we could do just as good a job cutting each others hair with a set of $10 electric clippers. I bought said clippers, and since then I've saved a couple hundred bucks and we still had acceptable-quality low-maintenance, low-drag haircuts that make the ladies swoon.

That was until tonight. My oldest son, the Class President, asked me to cut his hair. I gave him the "#2 all over" look, and was down to the "final touch-up" phase. I noticed a tuft of hair sticking up on the back, so I went in with the clippers to take care of it... without remembering I had taken the guard off. Took off a swath of hair, boot camp-style, about five inches long and 2" wide, almost all the way to the top of his head. Uh-oh...

As I apologized profusely, we ended up deciding that a Marine "high-and-tight" would be our best shot of having him not look like a skinhead while covering up the visible evidence of my stupidity. Unfortunately for him, it didn't really work out too well. Maybe they'll let him wear a hat to school...


Blogger Dale Courtney said...

I used to cut my boys' hair.

I gave it up when they got into Junior High. They didn't want to look like "axe murderers" any more :)


1/22/2007 7:16 AM

Blogger half said...

I gotta feeling that's going be the most expensive haircut ever.

1/22/2007 7:50 AM

Blogger bothenook said...

i'm thinking half is way more than half right on the cost of that haircut.
you will be hearing about it at family gatherings for years to come.

1/22/2007 8:19 AM

Blogger stormin said...

just had my head completely shaved for $13 plus tip. lots of attractive stylists at this shop.

1/22/2007 11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoting from the source ("Suggestions for the ex-submariner that misses the good old days on the boat"):

"11. Have the paperboy give you a haircut."

1/22/2007 11:55 AM

Blogger Chap said...

Come to think of it, a friend of mine also had a Bad Haircut recently that he termed "like a horrendous Flow-Bee malfunction".

Luckily he knows a reconstructive barber.

1/22/2007 7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It'll grow out. I used to do the haircuts around here; now the Engineer does them.

I put my foot down when our daughter wanted either a buzz cut or a high and tight just like her brothers.

1/22/2007 10:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a rule: When you find yourself in a hole - STOP DIGGING.

1/24/2007 12:10 PM


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