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Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Because I Can...

I'm planning on live-blogging tonight's episode of Heroes when it airs here in the Mountain Time Zone on my new laptop. Those of you who are on PST or west of that, or Tivo'd it, shouldn't hit the "Read more" if you don't want lots of spoilers. (I'm not sure how this is going to work; the last time I tried to live-blog something, it didn't work out very well.)
The big question for tonight is "Who's Claire's daddy?" I'm guessing it's her "dad's" boss, who's probably some government bigshot. Having it be the crooked Vegas mobster, Linderman, would be too obvious.

Update 2003: Started off with Invisible Guy agreeing to teach Leachboy how to control his powers. That was OK, but then they switched to a Psycho Mom scene -- bor-ing! Luckily, they switched to Sylar beating up Claire's dad and locking him in the cell, which raises the bar immediately on the "this is going to be a really kewl episode" scale.

Update 2013: Having Mr. Sulu as Hiro's dad is way sweet casting. Druggie Painter is a lot better character since he's not stoned all the time. Now that Psycho Mom has apparently killed the psychologist, hopefully she'll get beat to death by the jail guards and we won't have to deal with her anymore.

Update 2023: Ando totally has the hots for Hiro's sister Kimiko. Getting ready for Claire to meet her Mom.

Update 2034: I'm totally going to see the Reno 911 movie. Back to Heroes, I don't see how Sylar's home invasion of Claire's house can turn out good.
Oops, spoke too soon; the Haitian showed up with Claire's dad. Of course they immediately went to commercial.

Update 2049: Crap, now Nikki's out of jail, so we'll be seeing more of her. Seeing Leachboy get thrown of the top of the building was cool; I expected him to fly, but having the healing power work was kind of a surprise (except to my boys, who called it while he was in mid-air). For tonight's "surprise" finale, one son is predicting that, in addition to finding out who Claire's dad is, Ando will get a power. That'd rule.

Update 2058: The license plate on Hiro's dad's car was NCC 1701.

Update 2101: Having Jumps High Politician be Claire's dad is totally lame, IMHO. Ando, on the other hand, was way cool in going in for the hug from Hiro's cute (and rich) sister.

Regarding the "overall storyline", I've decided that Sylar absorbs his powers the same way Leachboy does, except he's already learned to control them. Invisible Man said he taught someone before, which was probably Sylar, and that's why he said that Leachboy had to "forget" everything -- that's the way Sylar does it. Overall, it was a very good episode, right up until the very end.

I've also decided that live-blogging one hour TV shows really blows; I'm probably not going to try again. Still, I got the sig on the "Great Qual Card of Life".


Anonymous istand1337 said...

When I grow up, I want to go into my house every day all guns blazing.

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