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Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Head Isn't Really That Big...

...and my home office is a little bit bigger than a cubicle, but other than that, this is pretty accurate.

Also around the 'net, CDR Salamander devotes his "Fullbore Friday" post to USS Tang (SS 306) and her skipper, RADM Dick O'Kane. O'Kane was clearly one of the greatest wartime submarine COs in history, probably due in no small measure to the influence and teachings of the man he worked for when he was XO on USS Wahoo (SS 238) -- CDR Dudley "Mush" Morton:

It was O'Kane to whom Morton delivered his most famous piece of advice: "Tenacity, Dick -- stay with the bastard till he's on the bottom."


Blogger Vigilis said...

BH, you had to have been on a baseball or similar team at some point in your life, because your since of sportsmanship has also been finely developed. - Vigilis

2/03/2007 11:54 AM

Anonymous sonarman said...

I read O'Kane's account of his war patrols and his imprisonment by the Japanese in his book Clear the Bridge. It was one of the most riveting reads I have come across in a long time. It is one of my favorite submarine books, and it made O'Kane my favorite hero of WWII.

Great post about a great man.

2/03/2007 2:15 PM

Anonymous bullnav said...

Sonarman - I would also recommend to you Wahoo, also by RADM O'Kane. It is his story of when he was XO on Wahoo with Mush Morton. You also realize what a mentor Mush Morton was to his officers. I believe several went on to become submarine CO's and achieve greatness.

2/03/2007 2:33 PM

Blogger Subsunk said...


That is my favorite line. I've quoted it often.


2/03/2007 10:41 PM


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