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Monday, January 07, 2008

Dolphin Scholarships Available

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation awards college scholarships to the children of Submariners and submarine support personnel; as of last year, there were 137 Dolphin Scholars, each receiving $3,250 per year. The application for current high school seniors for next year just came out; it's something any Submariner with a student going into college next year should get their kids to apply for. Of the 35 new Scholars last year, it looks like three of them are children of old shipmates of mine, so I know that real people are getting these awards.

My sons will be applying starting next year, so after this year I won't be as impartial in hoping everyone wins. For now, though, good luck to everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly though what about those students who are older and now wiser who want to go back to school? There are no scholarships for submariner dependants whom are no longer in school (graduated) and are now pursuing further education.

2/19/2010 4:17 PM

Blogger bigjohn2005 said...

Just took a look at the Dolphin Scholarship website. Am I the only one that noticed that nearly all of the scholarships went to dependents of senior ranking officers? There were a few also awarded to senior enlisted as well. Only saw one (1) E6. Doesn't look to promising for the lowly enlisted folks...worse yet, I used to contribute every year, to this organization. Something doesn't smell right to me.

8/08/2010 3:07 PM


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