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Saturday, February 27, 2010

COMSUBPAC Tsunami Warning

From SUBPAC's Facebook page:
A tsunami is expected to arrive in the Hawaiian islands area at 11 a.m. local time. Personnel in low-lying areas should head for higher ground with supplies to last for a couple of days. Please be careful and cooperate fully with civil authorities and first responders.
Personnel with cable access to Joint Base TV Channel 2 should tune in for base information.
- Should you evacuate, carry your disaster kit and ensure you have enough supply for 3-5 days. Once in a safe area, do not return to the hazard zone until a competent local official has issued an “all clear.”
- Avoid coastal areas and never go to the beach to watch a tsunami.
- Personnel at commands in Navy Region Hawaii should maintain contact with their chain of command regarding work status or potential evacuations.
- Please be patient and follow all directions of Security and Fire Department personnel as they work through potential recovery efforts.
Please keep in mind that a tsunami event is not typically a single wave, but rather a series of waves. In this instance, there may be as many as 8-12 waves in succession.
Everyone in Hawaii, and throughout the Pacific Rim, please stay safe. Also hoping the Chilean Submariners are safe; their homeport is Talcuhuano, very near the epicenter of the earthquake.


Anonymous STSC said...

Ford Island was evacuated in preparation. I hope they are being overly cautious...

2/27/2010 2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Steam Torpedo Shop at Subbase Pearl in 1960 during Tsunami. That one pretty much wiped out Hilo, only raised water level at Subbase by two feet which then rapidly receded.

Keep a zero bubble.......


2/27/2010 4:39 PM

Anonymous Tim said...

The tsunami has passed. There was a 2.8 foot surge in Hilo, a 3.2 foot surge in Kahalui, and a 0.6 foot surge on Oahu (at Barbers Point). Catastrophe passed us by, but we had a good test of the state civil defense system!

2/27/2010 6:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The young guys on the boat were bummed out that the tsunami was a bust. They were really looking forward to death and destruction. One of our young a-gangers said "this was so disappointing, this was the most action i have seen"

2/27/2010 7:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"One of our young a-gangers said "this was so disappointing, this was the most action i have seen""

Great kid, now get back to doing what you are paid for...field day!

2/27/2010 7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that NBC did not break away from Olympics coverage, CBS did not break away from college hoops and ABC did not break away from whatever it was showing. CNN, FOX and MSNBC were scrambling like crazy, however...and were clearly disappointed when Waikiki and Hilo failed to end up underwater at 4:06pm EST.

2/28/2010 3:32 AM

Blogger kwicslvr said...

I believe it was 1994 or 1995 when I was in Hawaii for a "tsunami". All ships and subs immediately got under way and went to the north side of the island. Only two subs stayed peirside and that was because they were not seaworthy at the time. Mine was one of the two. It also ended being only a few feet increase.

3/01/2010 9:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Avoid coastal areas and never go to the beach to watch a tsunami."

That has to be one of those warnings that they have to say because some dumb ass actually did it.

3/01/2010 9:12 AM

Anonymous Tim said...

"That has to be one of those warnings that they have to say because some dumb ass actually did it."
The local news station had footage of some wacko cavorting on the beach (all by himself) during the time leading up to the tsunami. Unfortunately, in this case, the stupid did not get punished.

3/01/2010 11:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope the news team were using telescopic lenses. I am not surprised though, my roommate at prototype would go surfing right before a hurricane. Oddly, he was the only sub volunteer in our class to get sent to a carrier.

3/01/2010 12:45 PM

Blogger Ret ANAV said...

Having brothers on the west coast, family on Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island and Okinawa, and a co-worker in the Philippines...Saturday was a somewhat anxious day for my wife and me. I also saw the aforementioned dumbass on the beach and was hoping that the stupid wouldn't be punished TOO hard. I used to live in Ewa Beach near the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center...Always wondered why they put it right smack in the middle of the inundation zone.

3/01/2010 3:25 PM

Anonymous ex-ET nuke said...

kwicslvr, what boat were you on, because My boat was also left in-port during that event. I got stuck on duty that day as well.

3/01/2010 10:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Comsubron Eleven Commodore made us shut our hatches and run the diesel for the late morning early afternoon.

Which really fucking sucked because potable and sans are tagged out.

Needless to say, San Diego didn't even see a swell.

3/02/2010 7:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home

3/03/2010 4:25 PM

Blogger kwicslvr said...

ex-ET nuke,

I was on the potatoe, I mean, pinto, uh I mean Pintado.

anon 12:45pm,
Going out to surf before a hurricane is actually very popular. We did the same here on the Texas gulf coast when i was growing up and it continues to happen still today.

3/04/2010 5:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When in doubt it is better to be safe than sorry.

However, this illustrates the fallacy of the global warming scam assisted by NOAA, NASA, EPA and many more agencies that have attempted to propagate the environmental global warming scam and fraud.

The fact that these ass clowns can not even predict that which is obvious, discernable and measurable on earth reveals the nonsense that they could ever predict anything as far fetched as the global warming scam. Al “FLOB” and his pals have made tons of money lying to people and even some scientists have colluded with this fraud. Are people really this dumb to accept the global scamming junk and not question the sources? Guess that some would rather watch American Idol than engage their brains and see that the emperor has no clothes.

The sky is falling according to the global scammers but what is really happening is the crap is rising.

The only global warming is when Al the BS King opens his mouth and the hot air and BS start spewing.

3/04/2010 7:59 AM

Anonymous ex-ET nuke said...

kwicslvr, I too was on the Pintado. If memory serves, we had both the Trim and Drain pumps out for rebuild/repair and Scratchy & Stinky wanted to sortie out with the rest of the fleet and ride out the wave on the surface off the North Shore.

3/05/2010 7:44 AM


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