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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Submarine Logos

Over on Facebook, I found what was purported to be the new logo of PCU California (SSN 781); if it's not, it should be:

I always enjoy seeing the new boats' logos -- a lot of imagination generally goes into them, although there are certain limitations imposed by the Heraldry shop if you go through them, like we did on Connecticut. Of course, some aren't as good as others; here I'm thinking specifically of the "drowning dog" logo used by USS Seawolf (SSN 21) and the "We Run Aground" one for USS Asheville (SSN 758).

Which are your favorite submarine logos?

Bell-ringer 1027 27 May: Here are the logos of the Los Angeles-class and Ohio-class boats.

Bell-ringer 1400 27 May: And here are the logos for the old boomers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I've seen, there have been no war logos since the Pasadena was commissioned. She has a nice turtle chucking weapons. On the Miami we presented an alligator and it was shot down. The rest is all pussified. I'm suprised the drowning wolf was approved.
But hey, next year when we have the new politically correct crew members onboard and nobody is smoking, we'll see!!!!!


5/27/2010 1:37 AM

Blogger DDM said...

Joel, I'm sure remember SSN 23 logo. The crew voted and then a different logo showed up as the winner.

5/27/2010 4:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never could believe that the Key West's logo, loaded with blatant sexual innuendo, ever got approved.

5/27/2010 4:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, the Key West logo was more than I was expecting:

5/27/2010 4:44 AM

Anonymous Mental Jim said...

My first boat was the BILLFISH (SSN 676) and I've always liked the USS BILLFISH (SS-286) logo.

5/27/2010 6:15 AM

Anonymous ret.cob said...

The one on the left came first and was replaced by the one on the right, which everybody thought looked like somebody left the toilet seat up again.

5/27/2010 6:37 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

@ Hagar - As I remember, the Seawolf "drowning dog" was the pussified version of several previous more aggressive versions that the powers-that-be in the 90s considered "too warlike".

5/27/2010 7:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had an old CO who said that, as a JO, he was on the commissioning crew of the Sam Houston & his CO put him in charge of the logo. First he was told to contact Cecil B DeMille for ideas but no answer. Then to contact Walt Disney, resulting in a pastel drawing of a fairy tale submarine. Finally, he was directed to contact John Wayne. Wayne immediately replied that he had learned a lot about Houston while making "The Alamo" and was glad to help. The resulting drawing of a raven (Houston's indian name during the years he had gone native) along with his personal motto of "Try Me" ended up being used.

5/27/2010 7:21 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

When megabear eats the boat they'll regret that logo.

5/27/2010 7:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

USS Skate (SSN-578) had both fore and aft torpedo tubes.

Skate's logo showed a skate holding a MK-48 torpedo (facing forward) in each pectoral fin and a MK-37 torpedo (facing aft) with its tail, and said something like "We've got you coming and going."

5/27/2010 8:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always liked ours,
The U.S.S. Missouri logo is big letdown.

5/27/2010 9:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unofficial ships patch struck in Yokosuka Japan during 1974 WesPac. Triangle shape small end up. In middle was Galliano bottle with an orange on each side with a lightening bolt through it. Underneath it said, "WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?" Around the outside it said, THE ORIGIONAL PORTABLE SELF PROPELLED TRAVELING SUBMERSIBLE HORROR SHOW SS-580.

Keep a zero bubble....


5/27/2010 9:39 AM

Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

I always thought the warlike TREPANG that EB designed for TREPANG's launch was much better than the tepid design that was finally approved by the Powers that be in 1970 for the commissioning. I also thought the warlike Dragon on SEADRAGON's patch until 1966 was better than the formalized dragon on the "new" patch approved in 1966.

5/27/2010 9:50 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Here are all the 688 boats (707 was mine). Late 70's through early 90's, sorry to say most are not great (mine included).

5/27/2010 10:07 AM

Blogger Ret ANAV said...


Ten minutes later and I've finally stopped laughing and wiped the tears away. That's funny, I don't care who you are.

5/27/2010 10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The USS Shark (SSN-591) had a pretty cool logo. It was the sixth ship to bear the name. There are five explosions in the background representing the five previous Sharks and the submarine is shown with a shark's mouth and eyes.

One of the coolest things about the Shark was that the actual hull of the ship was painted with the eyes and mouth of a shark. You could see the eyes when we were moored in clear water. Wish the navy would still do stuff like that. I really liked it.

5/27/2010 10:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops. I posted the wrong link to the Shark logo. Guess I picked the wrong morning to quit drinking.

Here is the right one.

5/27/2010 10:25 AM

Blogger Dana K said...

I like this one...but I hope PCU California gets to use that bear.


5/27/2010 10:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain Preston of PCU Wyoming (SSBN742) had his son draw up the "Mad Cow" logo. It never sat well with the crew. He probably borrowed it from the Department of the Interior.

5/27/2010 10:45 AM

Blogger iotech said...

@DBF - thats the funniest thing I've seen in days. It immediately reminded me of my first boat. Well done, sir!

My last boat, SSBN 730, has a rather lame flying submarine departing SeaTac logo, so I thought I'd dig up the unit patches of the 41 for Freedom for you too (my first boat being the 641 Simon Bolivar "Without Fear, Without Reproach". At least we talked good smack back then, even if the logos werent a whole lot better.
Here's the 41 for Freedom:

5/27/2010 10:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's kind of hard to see, but are those two of the Village People on the USS San Francisco's logo?

Oh, and the USS Boston's looks like it was designed by the Boston Tourism Commission. Lame!

5/27/2010 11:19 AM

Anonymous PigBoatSailor said...

We tended to prefer the icon of our mascot to our logo (he was on the brow banner):

He was the mascot of our namesake ship(CL-54) as well - we liked the historical tie-in as well as the attitude.

They were going to try and update it after we shot in 2005, to add tomahawks coming from the barrel, but I never heard if they managed it.

5/27/2010 11:26 AM

Anonymous PigBoatSailor said...

2003, not 2005. Gah, I am getting old.

5/27/2010 11:29 AM

Anonymous PigBoatSailor said...

2003, not 2005. Gah, I am getting old.

5/27/2010 11:30 AM

Blogger Vigilis said...

Warlike? Try USS Greenling (SSN-614)'s "STEEL TRUE AND BLADE STRAIGHT" sword logo. Not sure anything else ever came close for warlike temperament.

My, all-time-favorite has to be the playing card logo sported by Jack (SSN-605). A more subtle horizontal spade used for Spadefish (SSN-668)'s logo was nice, but no cigar. It was later used for Pogy (SSN-647) to much better effect. Go figure.

Evidence of design by "committee" is evident in both of Key West(SSN-722) inexplicable patches. What the heck is that plume thing on the bow supposed to be?

Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)'s logo is one of the most symbolic. In that respect it fits well its presidential namesake, who was noted for his micromanagement.

The greatest missed opportunity was when Sea Devil (SSN-664) got the name that would have been perfect for Hawkbill (SSN-666).

Like most of you, the logo in which I take most pride is for the boat where I earned my dolphins.

PigBoat, you got old in the few years since you hibernated your blog, then! That's what twitter'n will do you.

5/27/2010 11:48 AM

Anonymous PigBoatSailor said...


Twitter'n? Please! Work'n. And too often in a SCIF, so no NIPRNET access.

5/27/2010 12:19 PM

Blogger Vigilis said...

PBS, SIPRNET exposure could make you age quicker, too. Just say'n.
- Vigilis OUT

5/27/2010 1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vigilis @ 1148,

I always liked the USS Pogy Logo as well. It was the boat I earned dolphins on, so I am a bit biased. We often called it the "Butt Dart," especially us guys back aft. I have a few plaques, including the decom plaque, with the "Butt Dart" on it that I still see often.

5/27/2010 1:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for logos, ever since they started using cities and states for subs, they have been PC to kiss ass of what cities they were named after.
My first board was the Tunny 682. Logo sucked, but motto was excellent.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum - roughly translates to "Don't let the bastards get you down"

It was the motto for the Tunny 282.

There are four patches there because it was a SS SSG then APSS then LPSS.

As the legend goes....


5/27/2010 1:23 PM

Blogger AB- said...

The latin on the California logo "silentium est aureum" = silence is golden - pretty cool since California is the "Golden State". This is an awesome logo.

5/27/2010 1:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Bear is awesome.

5/27/2010 1:56 PM

Blogger John Byron said...

I always thought WAHOO had the best...

TROUT had a pin it handed out to yardbirds in its last (pre-Iranian) overhaul. Simple silhouette of the boat with the words PUT OUT FOR TROUT wrapped around it. We have many made - very popular in WestPac also.

5/27/2010 3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the logo of the only boat on which I served, USS Drum, because:

1) As kid, I made several vacation trips to Mobile, AL to Battleship Memorial Park to tour the USS Alabama and the original USS Drum (SS-228). I later ended up on nuclear Drum.

2) The logo tied the past of SS-228 with the SSN-677

BTW, we nukes frequently referred to ourselves as Janitors in the Drum.

5/27/2010 4:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Group 7 when CSS15 was recommissioned. All departments were asked to submit drawings for the CSS15 patch. One of the guys in N4 came up with a winner that was promptly squashed.

Polaris Point with Frank Cable Med moored and 2 or 3 boats at the bottom of the patch. Above that, 2 big palm trees with a hammock stretched between them with a sailor lounging. I like to think it's an STS!. The motto was above the trees. Hafa Adai, it's not just our motto, It's our work ethic.

Ken in Yoko

5/27/2010 5:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Group 7 when CSS15 was recommissioned. All departments were asked to submit drawings for the CSS15 patch. One of the guys in N4 came up with a winner that was promptly squashed.

Polaris Point with Frank Cable Med moored and 2 or 3 boats at the bottom. Above that, 2 big palm trees with a hammock stretched between them with a sailor lounging. I like to think it's an STS!. The motto was above the trees. Hafa Adai, it's not just our motto, It's our work ethic.

Ken in Yoko

5/27/2010 5:44 PM

Anonymous Cupojoe said...

I always liked how the Indianapolis logo had "CA-35" on it. A tip of the cap to its legendary namesake. Classy.

5/27/2010 6:59 PM

Anonymous cvmn said...

We voted for the logo and the command didn't have a problem with it. Only thing we're waiting on now is for the finishing touches to be made.

5/27/2010 7:20 PM

Blogger Lou said...

Always liked this unofficial version of the Polk patch.

5/27/2010 8:21 PM

Blogger BillP said...

A couple of examples from my first boat:

And upon decommissioning:

5/27/2010 8:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The San Fran patch? We always joked it was two drunk gay russians looking for each other.....I did like the only spanish motto though. Gold in Peace, Steel in War.
It's sad when politrics decide on a ship's patch, it's BS.
So, when we gonna have a barney frank patch? Whoohooo! Or a ellen degenerate? It brings new meaning to blowing the DCA......

If it isn't a war machine, piss on it, then hold the critique.

5/28/2010 3:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you.

Remember Miami's pre-commissioning patch with the dolphin? I'm really glad that didn't become the final version.

Tunny had a great motto: iligitimi non carborundum (Don't let the bastards get you down.) It was carried forward from SS282 Tunny to SSN682 Tunny.


5/28/2010 6:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone ever saw the original NEW MEXICO logo, but it was a submarine shooting to chili peppers out of the torpedo tubes, I am glad they switched the logo!

5/28/2010 5:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just always hated that it looked like every 688 logo was the winner of the local fifth grade art contest.

5/30/2010 8:29 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

Yup--Pogy, aka "the butt dart." Still have my coffee cups from them as well. And Buffy (first boat) was one of the few 688 patches that had torpedoes in them. Never really noticed it until well after the fact. However, the funniest (and saddest) unofficial patch I ever saw was USS Greeneville's "Just Kill Yourself" patch.

6/18/2010 12:02 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Submarines are dumb. Thats the patch that I want with a 688 silouette struck through by a ghost buster symbol. The only people authorized to wear it will be those with greater thatn 20 years of submarine service. No one else can fully appreciate the irony.

8/25/2010 10:29 PM

Anonymous XEM2 said...

I always thought the San Juan's motto was hilarious: "Technology and Tradition." We rephrased it "Old Technolgy, New Tradition."

11/08/2010 5:56 PM

Anonymous anon e. moose said...

688's patch was lovingly referred to as the "Four F*ing Dolphins" because, well, it looked like a dolphin orgy.

We had a battle patch for the 04 deployment which was pretty cool (can't find a pic online)

11/09/2010 7:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

During our Westpac of 80-81, we had such a bummer of a trip we had an unofficial patch made up to express how we felt about our trip (link below). One real libery port (Subic) in 6 months. We were supposed to go to Perth but never made it due to hitting the tender and cracking our sonar dome at Diego Garcia, among other "things". Also known as "bump pac".


11/09/2010 8:38 AM


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