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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Three SSGNs In 7th Fleet AOR

Over on the 7th Fleet Facebook page, they posted photos of the three SSGNs in the AOR on 28 June. They are USS Florida (SSGN 728) doing a Fast Cruise after crew exchange in DiGar:

USS Michigan (SSGN 727) pulling into Pusan, Korea:

And USS Ohio (SSGN 726) in port in Subic Bay:

This is pretty cool, but this is what they're supposed to do, so I wouldn't read too much into it (like the idiots who think that a normal carrier swap in the Arabian Sea somehow means we're about to attack Iran). Now, if all three SSGNs were in Diego Garcia...


Blogger Mike Golch said...

it used to be verry hush hush where our nuke subs were.

7/01/2010 7:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the timing of the Michigan to visit Pusan is no accident

7/01/2010 8:02 AM

Anonymous PortTackStart said...

If all 3 SSGNs were in Diego Garcia, it would tip over and capsize!

7/01/2010 8:54 AM

Blogger Bearpaw said...

Fast Cruising sucked

7/01/2010 4:25 PM

Anonymous PI Commando said...

Port visit in Subic...awesome!

I bet there was some serious ripping tearing going on.

Note to wives: If you are fat and or ugly (or for that matter not)...yes, it is 92.3% sure that your husband was ripping and tearing also.

That's ok though. Nothing is better than making love in a tropical climate. Great way to relive stress onboard. And for those women on subs people, yes women Sailors also enjoy sex in the Orient. There were places for them to go on Magsaysay toget away and enjoy a night at the "Y" so to speak.

Seriously though, in most cases it doesn't matter in the long run. However, there was an engineer on the Chicago who divorced his wife and returned to Subic for his LBFM.

Enjoy the port visit guys deserve to enjoy part of Navy History!

7/01/2010 5:23 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

Mike--after the fact doesn't mean a whole helluva lot. That said, on my first Pac on Buffalo, we did a very brief stores load in Subic. In that time, we were told BY THE STEVEDORES pretty much where we were going for the rest of the Westpac and what days we would be there. Dammed if they weren't real close.

7/02/2010 7:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PI is better without the volcanic ash falling.

7/02/2010 8:30 PM

Blogger Old Salt said...

On most of my boats, the wives club was the place to go for port intel. They always knew the schedule long before we did. I used to ask the LPO's wife when making up the PMS schedule, because she was more accurate than our COC. I remember explaining to the ENG that I scheduled in port maintenance during an "underway" time because of the wive's intel. He signed it.

7/03/2010 2:05 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

IIRC, wasn't it the Ohio who was supposed to be doing a mid-patrol break back in the day, until the Commodore heard a couple of the wives talking about it in the Bangor Commissary and canceled it?

7/04/2010 7:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7/08/2010 5:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7/09/2010 9:20 PM


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