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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Over The Edge...

I frequently make fun of 43rd State Blues, a group weblog for "progressives" here in Idaho that isn't nearly as bad as Democratic Underground, but still provides a few chuckles. Today, though, one of their posters goes over the deep end by posting, approvingly, about actor Charlie Sheen's dementia regarding the 9/11 attacks -- specifically the "controlled demolition" theory. (Charlie also mentions, in the same interview, about how he's not sure if a plane really flew into the Pentagon.)

I'd mention something over there, but for some reason I can't post comments. I only hope that Democrats running for Congress here in Idaho realize that they shouldn't associate themselves with the conspiracy theorists at 43rd State Blues if they hope to get elected...

Update 0936 27 March: Well, they've changed the title to the story, and cut out a lot of the body of the post, so it doesn't sound quite so moonbatty. The comment left by the author still talks about the WTC-7 "controlled demolition" theory, though. Beyond the fact that talking about active government involvement in the 9/11 attack is tantamount to accusing many, many people (including by implication the military) of pre-meditated murder of Americans, my question for the WTC-7 conspiracy theorists is: What possible reason would this supposed group of conspirators have for wiring WTC-7 to come down? It makes no sense. Maybe, just maybe, the unparalleled forces involved in two huge towers coming down right next to (and on top of) the building weakened it to the point of structural failure. D'ja think?

Plus, my old friend BinkyBoy makes an appearance with a comment about "grounded planes" that makes no sense at all. Remember, BinkyBoy, the process goes: "Post comment, then take drugs", not the other way around.


Blogger Julie Fanselow said...

The people running for Congress have no time to dabble in conspiracy theories. (And remember: these ideas are called theories for a reason, because they're just that.)

Our Democratic candidates - and those of us working on their staffs - are far more interested in figuring out how the hell we're going to dig out of the deep trenches the Republicans have gotten our nation into these past five years.

We'll leave it to history to judge the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz track record. It will not be pretty.

3/26/2006 11:40 PM


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